Sunday, 2 November 2014

Behind the scenes. ...

Ive not got much to show you on the crafting front this week, but it doesn't mean ive been idle!
Mainly, I or should I say we, (as I'm a complete technophobe hubby has been helping out with pc bits so I dont completely lose my mind, and temper!!) have been working behind the scenes as I'm determined to get my Folksy shop back up and running again!

threads n shreds         

So, we've been working away adding backgrounds, titles, widgets and goodness knows what else and trying to link Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and every other medium we can think of!

I also think I have found a solution to the background when I take photographs of my products. After reading someone's blog they stated they used artists canvasses, so after a trip to the works I purchased some white artists boards, so I need some bright daylight which is a bit infrequent now the nights are drawing in!

At the start of the week we had a beautiful sunny day, so I took my latest cushion for a walk round the grounds for its moment of glory in the bright light.

This Saturday I did manage to get another weekend day off of work so i took the opportunity to go to the local craft meet up. This is pure bliss to sit in a relaxed atmosphere, talking with like-minded people, and can focus on any craft that we chose to take in...
I started with making a couple of squares for my mood blanket to try to catch up. 

The rest of the time I finished my next cushion background, so now I can focus on the decoration.

In the evenings I have continued with joining my mood squares, and I've completed another two rows.

This week hubby has started back at work, only starting with two hours a day, but its start and now hopefully we can now progress, he just needs to work on daily exercises to get the strength back in his leg muscles.
Last night we went for our annual trip to the local firework display, and it was spectacular as ever, and the perfect, mild, dry weather for it too...

We've flown through another month. This is a look back at October


  1. I love your pink cushion, and the mood squares, which are really building up. The artist boards are a good idea. I often try different coloured fabric, but more often than not cream or white look best. If I want a really dark background I use my slate table mats.

  2. ohh you have a lot of hooky items on the go there. What a lovely cushion and little owl. Thats a good idea to use an artist canvas, might have to pinch that!

  3. Quite often, I literally use the "shirt off my back"! Especially, if I need to use a certain colour to bring out or just contrast the Item I'm photographing. The actual "medium" of said colour-choice at hand is of secondary consideration... WHATever "WORKS"!

  4. You've had such a busy month, I love how your mood blanket it coming together, its going to be spectacular when its finished.

  5. Oooh i really love your giant flowers cushion, doesn't it look fantastic out in the sunshine! Your mood squares blanket is looking fabulous too, it will be so exciting to see it completely finished - for you and for your blog readers! :)

  6. You look like you have been rather busy and I do like your flower cushion. The colours are gorgeous.

  7. I love all the different granny square motifs in your mood blanket. It is really a lovely blanket.