Sunday, 26 October 2014

Blooming Marvellous...

We have another ta da moment!!
My Giant Bloom cushion is complete..

I had made the blooms from 'once upon a pink moons' pattern, and used the lovely squishy 'Stylecraft' dk yarn

Added some foliage 

And popped them onto a plain background of multi-toned yarn

And added some pretty, pastel, floral buttons for fastening

I'm so happy with how this cushion has turned out!!

In other news this week, we took a visit to the cemetery as it would have been my mother-in-laws birthday on Monday. We took a beautiful purple bunch of flowers, and met up with hubby's sister and her carer so we could support each other. After paying our respects we went to a local garden centre and had lunch, hot chocolate and cake, whilst we spent time catching up.

I've been trying to catch up with my Mood blanket, but it feels like 2 steps forward, and 3steps back. I managed to get another row and a half joined, but by concentrating on the joins I've got behind with making the actual squares.

I did manage last weeks, a mix of grey and yellow (for fun holiday,and gloomy weather!) based on the Wisteria block (from 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton), I say based on as I start following and then go off on a tangent and do my own thing

and I've made a start on this weeks, using a mix of blues and purples in stripes, loosely based on the Interlocking Stripes pattern.

When I've needed easy mindless crochet, I've been working away on the next background. The back is complete, but unfortunately after a large chunk of the front was made I realised the width was completely wrong, I'd made a chain of 34 instead of 43, well at least the numbers were right! So hubby frogged it for me and I'm working my through it again...


  1. Oh my, your cushion turned out lovely! I really like the way you added the flowers and the leaves as it gives it so much dimension. It's really beautiful.

  2. That cushion is gorgeous - I love how effective the variegated yarn is as a background, it hints at more flowers off in the distance!

  3. Your giant bloom cushion looks great, perfect for brightening up the place now the nights are drawing in.