Sunday, 24 May 2015

Double Chrysanthemum blooms...

Spring has arrived, and we have not one but two blooms that have opened out and blossomed

I've completed both the singular and double colour, retro, Chrysanthemum cushions

The monochromatic cushion was completed first, enabling me to have a play around with the pattern

The back I decided to keep simple with a giant granny square, as the focus point is the bloom on the front

Once a basic pattern had been formed, I wanted to see what it looked like by adding a second  accentuating colour. These really aren't my taste in colours, but surprisingly I absolutely love how they work together, giving an authentic retro feel to the design

I continued to mix the two colours across the back too

I found some great packs of buttons at my local charity shop, and this set were perfect (they look more yellow in real live!)

It felt great to get these both finished, as the end process always drags for me, partly as I can't wait to see how all the components come together, but also i've got another 50 ideas and projects that i'm eager to try out!

These cushions have great texture. This image is actually the back of the flower, I like how that looks too!!

I just need to capture some more images in good light, and get them listed in my Folksy shop!

As you saw last week, I have already made a start on the next product. The flowers are finished, and now I'm making another c2c square, but it's still not a cushion, I'm trying something new, any ideas??

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Flowers & PJ's

So in my head I was thinking I could get both of my Chrysanthemum cushions completed for this week, but this is the problem, what my head thinks and what is reality are two different things!

I have pretty much completed one though, apart from the last couple of buttons to be sewed on.

I will get cracking with the second and hopefully fingers crossed they can have their special ta dah moment together pretty soon!

Until then I'll just leave you with a sneaky peak!

I did get a little side tracked at one point. I had been tidying the bedroom, which led to me sorting out my wardrobe, when I found a pair of P.J bottoms that had got a hole in. Now I'm sure the average person would just chuck them, but for me I saw potential! I sat down immediately and starting cutting them up in to strips, and before I'd got too far, I grabbed my largest crochet hook and started a circle.

I absolutely love how this looks. It has an amazingly thick feel to it, perfect to turn it into a basket. A fab quick, fun project I thought, BUT, it totally kills the wrist, and gave me a shooting pain up my arm. Gutted! I will persevere, but I will be sensible and do just a little at a time. I had set aside some jumpers to use too, and was looking forward to having a play. I don't know if it would help if I used a larger size hook, as I just went with what I had, which was only 6mm, so it does turn out quite dense! I will have a go, but all in good time....

I did do a cheeky little yarn order. Sensibly it was because I needed a joining colour, so I could actually finish an old wip,

 but as there was a drops sale, it would have been rude not to throw another pretty in the basket too!!

As I'm finishing projects. this meant I had nothing portable to do in lunch breaks. I decided to make some more flowers.

 If you remember these were from my monochrome cushion, but I have something different planned for these, but you'll have to stay tuned to find out what!

I'm still continuing with my floral mood blanket.

 It's growing well now, and I appreciated that it actually covers my legs now when I sew in the ends, as it was beneficial when we had a couple of chilly evenings!

That's all for this week, I hope to have more visuals for you next week...

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Matching Granny backs...

So this week i've been concentrating on the backs of the Crysanthemum cushions

I've chosen to use a traditional granny, to compliment the front pattern

Both colours are nearly complete

So its just the finishing and the joining left to do

I can't wait to get them completed, as the end point is the most tedious for me and I'm always eager to get started on something new
plus of course I can't wait to see how they turn out

I've also managed to upload 3 of my cushions into my Folksy store, so i'm getting there slowly but surely

This week it was time to upgrade my phone

so i'll be having a play and hopefully be able to capture even better photos

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Chrysanthemum colourways...

So it was back home and back to work this week, and it doesn't take long to feel like you've not been away! Not got much to show you this week. I've been continuing with my Chrysanthemum pattern, working it in the other colours. Starting with the orange flower
and squaring it off with the green
these colours are a bit out of my comfort zone, but i'm liking the retro feel of them
this cushion will need some serious blocking, but i'm liking how it's turned out so far

the weather has been a bit all over the place this week, makes us feel very lucky we'd had such lovely warmth and sun whilst we were away

Another month has slipped by ever so quickly. Time just flies so quick these days it leaves my head in a spin! This is a little round-up of April, sadly lacking in crafts, so I really need to make a bigger effort in May and see if I can keep with time just a little bit!

So i'm off to get my head down and my hook out, lets get cracking...
Until next week...