Sunday, 23 November 2014


Sadly, I have no crafting to show this week...
Other than a packed work schedule, we have actually ventured out!
As you know I was celebrating my birthday this time last week, and we finished off the day in style, eating out at our local Italian restaurant. We shared some garlic bread to start, as it was quite large.

I tried something new, as I have a tendency to steer towards the same things
I had a mushroom risotto,

whilst hubby had Parma ham and rocket pizza

Of course it was washed down nicely with some white wine...

On my day off during the week we took a trip up to London.
The reason for going was, last year as a present I had given hubby tickets to go and see Lee Evans.
We made the most of the day by stopping off at Camden. This is one of  my favourite old haunts that I have been going to for many years.

It has changed an awful lot, in some ways good, with permanent, lock-up stalls and an overall make-over, but for me I find it sad that the original vibe has gone. It used to be the place where 'alternative' people could go, who weren't into mainstream music and fashion, where new designers could showcase their designs and become discovered, but it's lost it's edginess and become a little too commercial, which kind of defeats the object as the tourists used to come to see the sights, I just hope it doesn't lose its way too much as the same happened to Carnaby street.

On arrival we had much needed drink and food.

Had a look around the clothes stalls.

And round the various craft stalls, and even managed to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts.

Then it was back on the train to Wembley arena.

Hubby was amazed at the size of the venue!

As there weren't many seats left when I booked, I was worried it would interfere with our enjoyment, but despite being high up and to the side, we had a great view of the whole arena, could see the stage, had view of the screens and the sound was clear. I've been to many gigs and theatre productions before but not comedy, and I have been amused with clips of Lee Evans, but he completely surpassed my expectations. I thought he was funny in the first half but by the second I literally had tears streaming down my face. He was hilarious with his observations, was as energetic as ever, and quite humble.
I can thoroughly recommend to see him if you get the chance in the future...


  1. Looks like a fun time. I'm glad I'm not the only one who photographs all their food in nice restaurants - I usually text them to my daughter who is away at uni as she is a massive masterchef fan so if something is pretty on the plate she will want to see it!

  2. Your dinner looks delicious, I hope it tasted as good as it looked. I always think its nice to get away from crafting occasionally - its certainly when I get my best ideas. Have a good week.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time, no wonder you didn't get any crafting done :)

  4. I am a massive mushroom risotto fan so this meal would have made me very happy. x