Sunday, 26 July 2015

Duplicate padding...

As I hinted last week, I did indeed make some more of the little padded floral brooches

I enjoy making them, they're quick and fun

There was a lovely suggestion by Red Haired Amazona, (thank you) to also make some pincushions in the same style. I love this idea, and may well put into practice once I find a suitable filling

I've only managed to add a couple of flowers to the mood blanket this week.
I'm still trying to kick this cold, and with work, house chores and ebay, i've not had alot of time. But now I have a weeks holiday, we will be visiting my Mum in Fareham, so hopefully after some rest and sea air I can come back rejuvenated.

This weeks floral inspiration are raindrop petals...

I'll see you again in a couple of weeks...

Sunday, 19 July 2015

It's the little things...

So I thought that with the way my week was going, I wouldn't have anything to show you. I've been hit with a summer cold, so I've been stuffed up, sniffling and coughing, and I hadn't once touched my rustic flower scarf.
It was only near the end of the week that I managed to add some more mood flowers.

Then impulsively I decided to try out an idea that's been in my head awhile. 
I started by making two identical circles, and putting some stuffing in between them before joining together

It looks like a little space ship, don't you think?
I then added some petals around the edge

To add to the 3d effect in the middle, I decided to add a highlighting colour, following the swirl of the centre, an effect from only working through the back of the stitches.

I picked up stitches from the top circle and worked my way round

Originally I had intended to do a cushion or blanket with a flat background and padded flowers, but after this little experiment, and the fact that big projects take me forever, I actually thought what a cute little brooch this would make.
I've already started on a different colourway, with just the swirls to add

I'll make a few more of these padded floral brooches, trying out different colours, but I suspect that none will quite have the impact of the original flower for me...

I spotted a great little find in Tiger this week (one of my favourite go to stores), a mini loom. Back in the day when I studied textiles, I had not only participated in knitting, but weaving, tapestry and rag rugs too. I have been itching recently, to have a go again, and in fact the big ideas swirling around my brain, are incorporating weave and crochet together.

So of course I was eager to get it out and have a little play

Now I just need to practice and see if I can bring any of my ideas to life
So it's been the little things that have allowed me to be creative this week...

Floral inspiration this week comes in the form of a mandala, coloured in using a colouring app on my phone

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Woodlands and flowers...

It's been awhile but we finally managed to get out on our bikes last week. The sun was out, and the temperature was a bit cooler. We dusted off the bikes, made some adjustments and pumped up the tyres, and off we went. We went along to our lovely local park, as we had the intention of getting out to do some more geocaching. We found two in quick succession, hanging off a branch and nestled within a trunk.

We made our way towards local village, stopping for another, more taxing find, in and around holly bushes, but again we were triumphant. We stopped for a late lunch before making our way back, with two more finds under our belt before arriving home, from a fun and satisfying day.

My mood blanket is slowly growing, adding a few blooms each week.

It was the second week of Wimbledon, and I took time out to watch the Murray matches

I've continued trying to crack on with the rustic lace flowers. I do tend to get bored midway through projects, so I really have to focus on reaching the end.

I find it quicker to work a batch of the centres first, then do all of the second rounds and finally complete the third round and joining

I decided due to the openness of the pattern that it would work well as a scarf. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out...

I picked a few little flower heads on the way back from the village

So I'll leave you with a little floral inspiration...

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hot Hot Hot...

This week in the U.K it has been hot, damn hot!
I love summer, and warm sunny days, but this has been too much! Maybe i'm being a woosy Brit or maybe this country isn't set up for these conditions, as we get them so rarely. But it's been hard to move, function or sleep! 

Needless to say that not much crochet has taken place!
Its only the last couple of days, that the temperature has dipped slightly to allow me to pick up my hook

I'm still working on my Sweet Williams, rustic lace flowers
First a little colourful pile of centre circles

And then the second round shaping

And of course a touch of hookin in front of the tennis at Wimbledon

Although I don't complete a flower daily, I'm still continuing with my floral mood blanket, completing a batch at a time. Sadly i'm getting a bit slack with the ends though!

With the hot weather and Wimbledon what better excuse was there to have some strawberries and ice cream.....