Sunday, 25 August 2013

Stars shine....

So in my last post I did state that I would get the edging of the butterflies complete before I start a new project, famous last words!!!

So the new bunting style I have been working on is STARS....
I stared in a plain colour, to get the shape.

I kept it one colour throughout, to keep it simple.

I will put this on a matching dark pink ribbon. But to stop it looking quite so plain, I think I will embellish, possibly with beads.

Whilst making these I decided that they would look lovely in gold. At first I tried a pink star with gold edging, but this did not work as the gold did not keep a strong enough shape for an edge. So I reversed it and made a gold centre and used the pink for the edging.

I am happy with how these turned out, and I now need to find some beautiful gold ribbon for them to hang on. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere great locally to source materials, no exciting haberdashery shops here!

I thought these stars would make a great christmas decoration, without feeling like I was actually making anything festive, as they would look great at any time of the year for any occasion.

Next I want to take the star to another stage, by putting it within a square, but whether I can achieve this is another matter, we will soon find out if it is beyond me!
And I haven't forgotten those butterflies - honest!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Butterfly progress...

So this week I have continued progressing with the butterfly bunting.
Not got a lot to show for the efforts, as it was small fiddly and slow going.

I did crochet around the edge in the black and am happy with the result.

And crocheted a chain for the antennae and added a bead for the tip.

I still have the rest of them to complete and I need to get them up and displayed on their ribbons.

To give myself a little break from the intricate work, I did whip up another butterfly, as I suddenly had the urge to try one in a glittery yarn. I really love the way this one turned out but I dont like the antennae as I dont feel it is inkeeping with the body as it is the only part with no glitter. I might at least paint the little blue beads gold to tie it in more?

I will be good and finish these before deciding on the next bunting shape.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Butterfly Bunting

This week, although I haven't as yet put my previous daisy bunting on ribbon, I have gone ahead and started the next!

This one will be a beautiful row of butterflies...
I used Maries pattern, as it was simple and the perfect size.

So far I have done the crochet body, which is a flower shape, with 8 petals.

This will then get folded in half, to achieve the butterfly shape.

I'm thinking to do a black edging, to give it more of an 'Admiral' butterfly look?


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