Monday, 28 July 2014


Last week we took our annual trip south, towards Portsmouth, to visit my Mum.
We arrived at lunchtime, on the Wednesday, after a catch-up and some food, before heading off to the local beach. With hubby's knee still not functioning properly we weren't able to explore too much, so it was about getting out and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine as much as possible.

It was so refreshing to take in the sea breeze,  when I don't normally see much daylight, and to be able to doze or read or crochet to start to relax and unwind.

Of course I had to take my hook and yarn with me, no pressure just when I fancied a little go...
Unfortunately the clouds decided to roll in...

The following day we paid a visit to some 'open' gardens (someone's own personal garden they open to the public in aid of charity), we chose a Hanging Hostas garden.

I have to say I've never seen such a jam packed garden! Hidden in the depths of the greenery is a waterfall, 

and tucked away at the back is an Islamic relaxation spot.

I didn't think it was possible to squeeze so much into a small patch!

We stopped for a much needed coffee before making our to Frensham ponds.

This is a beautiful and unexpected area. It is a green common, with woodland and large ponds, and then a man made sandy beach!

 As it was a gloriously hot, sunny day of course this little retreat was a hive of activity! We tucked ourselves away in a bit of shade to have our picnic, and chilled out watching the sights around us. We took a stroll on the beach.

 Very surreal being on a beach in the middle of nowhere, and swans wandering in between the sunbathers and paddlers. Of course we treated ourselves to a nice cream at the day, just to cool us down of course!
A massive thunder and lightening storm happened in the night. We sat up watching it as hubby loves a good storm. I have to say I've not seen such a continuous succession of lightening, the sky stayed permanently lit. Unfortunately I didn't think to try to capture any of the beauty.

The following day we took a short trip to Whitely shopping centre,  and after lunch we made our way to Emsworth mill pond.

After a stroll all around we found a bench to sit back and take in the warmth of the sun and the views around.

The next days weather forecast was for bad weather so we strolled in to Fareham town centre for a look about the shops, stopped back for lunch, then on to Dunelm mill ( I was searching for a 12" round insert for my #cal cushion) and then on to a big garden centre. Of course the predictions were completely wrong and it turned outto be a glorious day! So once we returned back I sat in the garden for a bit of relaxed hooky time...

For our last full day, we had another trip to the beach, this time in Gosport. We settled into the pebbles, and soaked up some rays. I didn't get round to much crochet as it was so hot and bright.
It was pretty busy, and lots of activity on the beach, and plenty of brave soles in the sea...

We had our picnic, and some drinks from the cafe. We watched the swimmers, and boat races and there was a rescue display too. I so love being by the sea, whatever the weather, I find it so soothing.

On our last day, we took a trip to Porchester.

We walked around the castle perimeter,

had tea at the church cafe (the church where I was christened).

So for my mood square for the week, i've chosen hot sunny colours.

As I was on holiday, I thought I would get a few extra squares to pad out the mood blanket a bit more
I also used this opportunity to try out some new techniques too

Firstly, I tried the V stitch, as this is doing the rounds in the crochet community

And secondly, I newly heard of something called Entrelec crochet. Just the blue section of this square is using this technique, but after giving it a go I definitely fancy giving the multiple squares together a go.

The yarn I took on holiday with me, I found at my local charity store,

and I believe could be drops yarn, I do really love the interchanging colours. It makes such pretty squares, and not one is identical...

Sunday, 13 July 2014

My second tah dah!!

So after two weeks and I have my second tah dah in a row!!
I've finished my 'Summer Flowers' cushion, which was quite a joy to make, so much so i'm dyeing to make a second one, but not sure ive got quite enough green left!!

After sewing down the petals and creating the stems and little leaves, i was left with quite alot of ends to deal with on the back.

The problem was, they were all different colour threads, which couldn't be woven across the main colour, as they would show through to the front, but i did my best going throught the back of the same colour stitches

I added some pretty little green buttons for fastening

And finally i crocheted the edges together, so I now have another scrummy, fat squishy cushion!

I managed to grab a little bit of sunlight this evening, after work, to take my new cushion for a little walk.....

I'm very pleased with my two cushions, but I haven't touched anything since!
I think I've been revelling at having achieved some finished projects. It's certainly made me feel more positive, more than just the pleasure of creating, but having a purpose at the end of it all...
 I'm a bit undecided what to do next, of course I still have some more wip's to complete or maybe i'll allow myself a new project!!

This weeks mood square (I confess I haven't had a chance to sew in the ends yet!)

The middle part of the square is the 'Spoke wheel' pattern from the 150 blocks to knit and crochet
colours this week = peach - hot summer days
lilac - relaxation
purple - work and lifes chores...

I have no work now for over a week!! We are off to visit my mother on Wednesday, once hubby has had his Mri the day before.
So I'll back with you guys again in a fortnight...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

My first ta dah !

So finally I have done it ! I've finished one of my 'works in progress'
All panels made...

Ends woven in...

All pieces sewn together...

Little buttons added for fastening...

My lovely fat squishy 'heathers' cushion...

I love it...

My original plan was to make a big fimo, decorative button for the centre, and then I wondered whether a big crochet flower would work well, but now I'm not so sure whether it needs any decoration at all? What do you guys reckon?

I've also moved onto the next wip, and continued with the 'summer garden' cushion.  After all your lovely comments last week, I made a start on securing the flowers to the background.

My next dilemma was to figure out how to produce the stems. When I was playing around with the design, all I had done was lay a strand of yarn loose on top and loop de looped it. So how to achieve that effect and not produce something too heavy and overpowering. So I tried simply crocheting directly on to the main panel, kind of like a crochet version of embroidery.

I just went with the flow and you know I love it!  Sometimes simple is best!!

I may well add some 3d leaves too, I'll see once the stems are completed...
So hopefully it won't be too long before the next finished item.

This weeks mood square:-
I chose the 'Spoke wheel' pattern from the '150 blocks to knit and crochet' book, and then turned it into a square. Its amazing how different the pattern looks after squaring it off...

I used  pale green, rose pink, mid blue and bright sunshiny yellow, for the lovely hot sunny days, relaxed days off, a little bit of frustration as we still await hubby's knee to be assessed, and a little bit of lifes stresses that creep in.

So that's my efforts for this week...