Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cornish Holiday part 2

Day 4:-

Weather was terrible, and lashing with rain, and its hard to find indoor things to do in a coastal area. Bodmin Jail is where we decided on, as a place of interest and under-cover.

It was very interesting, with some very gruesome tales to read about, and apparently 'Britains Most Haunted' did a stint here. Yes there were some terrible crimes committed, but also the severe punishment for very minor misdemeanours were an eye-opener!

We did need to stop for a lunch break half way round, as we needed a bit of light relief!

This was a very interesting place to visit, though maybe not for the feint hearted!!

Day 5:-

We had decided before our visit, that we would like to take a trip to Tintagel. We have an interest in King Auther, so this appealed to us, though it is quite a way, in North Cornwall. Unfortunately, the weather wasnt too kind to us, so the original plan of climbing and spending time around the castle had to be abandoned. The village itself is very pretty, with the Old Post Office,

And mystical shops, and a great gallery, Another Green World where we were lucky enough to meet the two resident artists, who were lovely people...

We visited the Aurthurian Centre. After a talk and slides, we walked around the great halls

which has many stained glass windows depicting the knights and their deeds.

The rain eased off, so although we didnt have the time to do the whole castle, we took a walk up there to view it.

As it was late in the day, we were able to just take quick look at a small section.

 Bit of a climb, but great views at the top...

Maybe on a future visit, we may get to do the whole castle area...

On leaving Tintagel, we took a quick detour to Port Isaac, before heading back, as it was so close.

As its such a picturesque village, that it has been used for the filming of Doc Martin! We had a stroll around and stopped off for an ice-cream...

Day 6:-

We made a trip to a local Food + Craft Fair. It was pretty small, but still great to have a wander looking at peoples wares. And of course we indulged in the local produce for lunch !

The 'fair' was in a great setting, and they played some great 60's tunes to enjoy whilst we were going round.

As it was our last night, we went out to eat a local restaurant, and as most places do by the coast, they had some great fresh seafood dishes, so all we came out very well stuffed!!

Day 7:-

We had most of the day, as we werent travelling till late, so we took the opportunity to have a last stroll around the harbour and village

and made the most of being by the sea....

The whole time we were away, the Olympics had been taking place. We watched as much as we could in between outings, and kept up to date with our teams success via twitter. It was all thoroughly enjoyable and exciting, and thought our athletes did an amazing job.

3rd 29 Gold  17 Silver  19 Bronze  65 Total medals

Cornish holiday part 1

We are very fortunate, that my Dad lives in a very picturesque fishing village, in the south of Cornwall. This guarentees that we have a great holiday destination each year to go to, and there's always new things to see, and we never tire of the places we've been to before! The only thing that can't be relied upon is the weather, and this year it wasn't so great, but we still made the best of it!

Day 1:-
We had a trip to the Seal Sanctuary at Gweek. I had been many years before with my Aunt, but as this is the main centre for rehabilitation, animals come and go, though there are some permanent residents. We got there at the perfect time, for the first feed and talk.

One feed followed another, so we saw all species of seals being fed.

Then it was the turn of the Penguins...

And finally the resident Otters....

After making an essential stop off for a cream tea, we wandered around till closing.

So many beautiful animals, being well looked after, and great talks by the knowledgable staff, and in a beautiful setting...

its well worth a visit...

Day 2

We had more of a chilled day, and decided to stay local.

Visiting the local stores and Art Galleries, some well established and others which are brand new, including a smoothie + milkshake place, we of course had to try out!

Day 3:-
The weather so far had been very changeable, so to make the most of our time, we thought we would take a coastal drive, up the West side, seeing as we have done so much of the south and east on previous visits.

We took a stop-off at Cape cornwall, and the weather took a turn for the better.
We strolled past the Oratory, and its local residents.

Then the climb up to the top.

Along the cliffs, covered in pretty heather...

And up to the sentinal...

After tackling the steep climb down, we made our way across to Priest cove.

I could sit and watch the waves forever - so relaxing....

We had some more cliff walks, which was pretty bracing, as it was so windy....

But great views across to the lighthouse...

Continued in part 2........