Sunday, 26 June 2016

Western Super Mare

We've both had a week off and we had planned a trip to Weston Super Mare
We chose the same B+B that we've stayed at on a previous visit

After a 4 hour train journey, we arrived, and had time before check in, so walked to town and looked for a café for lunch.

After dropping off our bags, we walked down to the large expanse of beach

The tide was right out, and the beach quite deserted

It's nickname is Weston on the Mud, as the tide goes out so far

We went treasure hunting, but the beach is predominantly sand. We did however find this little patch of mini shells, so we did find a handful of pieces
We went to go on the pier, but found it closed early. We stopped for an ice cream and headed back to the beach

The tide was coming in, and it comes in quickly. The wind was strong, so this was perfect conditions for the kite and wind surfers, who were out in force.

As England were playing in the Euros we looked around for a chippy, and took it back to our room to watch the match

The following morning we went down to breakfast, and then went in to town to buy some baked goodies to take to my Grandad, the reason we were visiting Weston.

We took the bus to Worle and spent the whole day chatting with Grandad, catching up with news and hearing about his jobs in the past and his farming days.

In the evening we got the bus back to town and headed to a Weatherspoons, always a safe bet for a good value meal

We headed back on foot, with the sun going down

and the lights twinkling on the pools of water

We had chosen to stay an extra day, as we wanted to take a day trip to Cheddar Gorge. After breakfast we took the bus to Tween town, where we took a wander around the little stores.

As the tills were down at the ticket office, we stopped for coffee, before getting on the tour bus which took us up through the gorge

We went into the main cave, Gough's cave, where we were handed audio phones to learn of the history and the features

We walked through large chambers

seeing many different formations

The second cave, Cox's cave, was a completely different experience, as they have set up DreamHunters, the adventures of early man

Each little cave you went into had a light show

the features lit up with colourful lights

and story images projected against the cave walls

and an audio soundtrack telling the story of man at the same time. It was very clever

Next we took on Jacobs Ladder, where 274 steps took you upwards, and yes we did need to take breathers! Just when you made it to the top, you then had more steps up to the top of the lookout tower

to have the vast view across the Mendips

After the trek back down, we needed lunch, and found a lovely little café and sat in the garden for paninis.

The weather had held off for most of the day, but we had to finish our drinks inside as a heavy shower came down. We went around the little museum, the various shops and of course the Cheddar cheese shop. We finished off with an ice cream, and unfortunately after all the difficult climbing, I took a tumble down a few simple steps!!
We took the bus back to our B+B and rested before heading our for food

We found a nice little bar by the seafront called Nicks. I had a delicious chilli, whilst hubby took on the mighty Challenge burger!

Our last day, and after breakfast and packing we headed to the retail park so I could get some new trainers, as mine were literally on their last legs! Then we continued on the bus back to my Grandads to have a last cuppa together. Then it was back down to the beach to see the annual Sand sculpture exhibition, somewhere we have visited before, and is always impressive.
Each year they choose a different theme

This year was "When I grow up", with a variety of different career options depicted in 5,000 tons of sand! Again we ended up not venturing on the pier as we found they now charge entry, ridiculous when all the food, amusements and rides are expensive enough! We found a little arcade, where I left hubby to keep himself amused whilst I went off to the craft shop and bought a few more balls for my huge mandala. I went back and played on the 2p machines before taking our long journey back home again

Despite taking a bag of mini balls away with me, with the intention of starting another basket, by the time you've eaten out, its quite late and you're exhausted with trekking around for the day, I didn't end up doing any!

We had 3 days at home to enjoy together, so other than some housework, we've spent most of our time relaxing, especially as I needed to rest and elevate my foot. So I have continued working the long, hard complicated rounds of the mandala, and i've finally completed week 10

**If you wish to read more about the places we visited I have added links to the attractions

Sunday, 19 June 2016

seaside treasures and mandala madness...

Very little to show you from this week.
I have worked on the mandala but I've not managed to complete even one round!!
I made a start, figuring out the very complicated section, and then I found after completing the first section I didn't have the right amount of stitches left at the end. Also I wondered why the longer stitches were pulling too much and found id worked in a row too low, so had to undo...

I've now got into the rhythm, but it takes a lot of concentration and is very slow going, and I don't think the next round will be any easier! I will persevere as am loving how this is turning out. Unfortunately it takes up and awful lot of my craft time. I've made a couple of basket bases in preparation for the next styles. And I  did get some of the ideas I have in my head down on paper

Ive managed a couple of walks down by the sea, both of which were very windy
During the week we'd had stormy weather, so the sea had gone quite frothy

And today's walk was deceivingly chilly, with moody skies

Good for the kite and wind surfers though!

The tide was on it's way out so we did some more treasure hunting

As usual hubby helped to find a great haul, and this time had a terrific find of our first blue piece

A great mix of colours found today

We now both have a week off work and tomorrow we will be swapping one coast for another as we head to Weston-Super-Mare to visit my Grandad, and also take in a trip to Cheddar Gorge

Until next week...

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Mandala halfway point...

I had a few days off this week, and I was so lucky with the weather. Lovely warm sunny days.
I had an afternoon sat on the beach. The sun was blazing, with a breeze to keep down the heat, the relaxing sound of the waves, and crochet in my hand

so idyllic for a few hours of pleasure. I may have got a little pink though.

The one day me and hubby had together, we had a lovely afternoon strolling along the seafront.

We treated ourselves to yummy milkshakes to cool down. I had a mint aero and he had a crunchie one. Very tasty indeed!

On the way back the tide was going in so we did some treasure hunting. Hubby with his eagle eyes found some great ones, including a great turquoise marble. I have to admit to being completely disgusting and licking it, as I was convinced it wasn't a stone. I can assure you it is, and no it didn't
                                                      taste very good, ha ha...

Having a few days to myself enabled me to dedicate more time to my mandala. It has grown to such a size now, that its the size of our patio table, and I've now hit the halfway point!

I felt completely relaxed this week, and felt very lucky to be living by the sea...

Monday, 6 June 2016

Granny Basket

Last week the weather was absolutely dreadful, it was like winter had hit again!
This did mean a good excuse to curl up on the sofa and get crafting...
Unfortunately I suffered an annoying setback!
I completed another round on my Mandala, and went to start the next. Something wasn't right! I took a closer look at the pattern, only to find that on this occasion there was a different starting point! I was gutted. Its grown to quite a size now and each round takes some time and I was going to have to unravel a whole row!! I put it aside as I couldn't bare the though of it.

So whilst I put that one to the side, I went back and continued with my basket.

I worked the rounds in a granny stripe which left the washing line cord on show, and used different hues of pink, from light to dark

Each basket is turning out completely different, and with each one I make I'm learning more and they retain their shape better. I'm really pleased with how this one has turned out. And am looking forward to trying out other styles too

I have a few days off next week , so am hoping for some better weather, and i'll put my mistake behind me and get back to my mandala.
Until next week...