Monday, 29 June 2015


So this week, I decided to undo the last round, and try joining a different way. I'm much happier with this layout

On one of my many ongoing trips to the p.o.  I picked up a lovely bunch of flowers from a local independent stall

I was very happy when I saw this beautiful bunch of Sweet Williams

Especially as they are my current inspiration

I love the two tone mix of colours

All different shades and tones of pinks

From brights

to pastels...
I'm looking forward to continuing this pattern

Despite the hot weather, on a whim i had a quick baking session. I had been given a recipe for a banana and chocolate loaf, and I'd been dying to give it a go.
It was very easy to make, well it had to be for me to succeed!

I was very pleased with the outcome, and it was very yummy!!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Rustic Lace Flower

I look at inspiring images all the time, whether it be of nature, stitches, patterns, colours or designs. These are just simply enjoyed, or get stored away in my mind for future reference, or sometimes they even spark an idea straight away!

There have been many images of the Rustic Lace square in the crochet world, but strangely there doesn't seem to be an origin to this patten. I've admired all the interpretations I've seen but it was only when I saw an image by Susan on IG that I sat up and really took notice! She had only made the centres of the squares as she was working out her colour layout. I immediately could envisage  these centres being joined together to create a different pattern altogether.

The colours that I chose were inspired by the Sweet Williams that we'd seen on holiday, at Heligan.

All I had to go by was a crochet chart

Most of it I found straightforward, but one of the set of lines I had to look up and then remind myself how to decrease, but I didn't mind, as learning as you go makes it more interesting and fun.

I joined my first three flowers together

But as it leaves quite a large gap in between, I decided I needed to come up with a filler. The hole formed a natural triangular shape, so a little crochet triangle was made and slotted in.

After making a few of the components, I was unsure how they were going to slot together.

I decided I needed to make more pieces so I could plan.
So I made some of the centre circles

And continued on with the second round

I'm looking forward to continuing on with this pattern to see how it progresses, and seeing how it starts to look as more of the pieces combine together...

Monday, 15 June 2015

Back to Cornish shores...

So we took off for our annual trip to Cornwall last week

It's a 6 hour journey, but as its by train, we can keep ourselves amused to make the time pass quicker, plus once we've crossed the bridge into the county the views are spectacular! 

On arrival, its just half an hours car journey till we get to the coastline. As there had been strong winds the previous night, it meant the waves had been whipped up. We took a drive along Porthleven coastline to view the waves crashing against cliff edge

To make the most of our time, we planned our weeks itinerary.
For our first trip out we decided to pay a visit to St Michaels mount,  a place we'd driven past and admired many times before. As the tide was out, we were able to walk up the causeway to reach the island.

Blue sky opened out and the sun shone, as we spent the next couple of hours walking around the layers of spectacular gardens. From the giant native Echiums

 to smaller colourful blooms

and weird and wonderful plants

 We worked our way up the different tiers, finding amazing views down over the lower gardens and coast.

We stopped for a much needed lunch break, before heading up to the main house.

Each room showed beautiful decor

 and were filled with treasures. 

With the outside architecture and views just as pleasing to the eye.

We literally stayed until closing, winding our way back down the steep pathways, finding the Giant's heart on the way.

 The tide had come in, so it meant a short boat trip to take as back to the mainland.

After a long day, we'd booked to go to a local restaurant for our dinner. We had chosen Amelies.  The food was lovely, but unfortunately there were a few service niggles! 

The next day we'd allocated as a rest day. After a lie in, we went down to the village, stopping off at our favourite milkshake cafe. We had intended to try some Geocaching in the area, but we were unsuccessful, with bad signal and no forward planning. We did attempt to clamber around over rocks and search, but to no avail!

We went back and had lunch in the garden,

before venturing out round the village again, this time with Dad, to pop into the local crafts and galleries.

For the evening we had prebooked a trip to the theatre in town. Although we love the theatre, neither of us had seen a play before. We both thoroughly enjoyed it, and felt the two main actors gave a compelling performance.

Then back for a very late dinner, but as always we were warmly greeted!

When we originally planned our trip here, we chose to coincide with the Royal Cornwall show
The weather started out a bit dismal but thankfully cleared up by the afternoon. We made our way round the various craft tents, 

and admired all the floral displays in the flower tent. 
We stopped briefly for a pasty before making our way to the arena to see the bikes 

and the cattle awards. 

Finally we checked out the food tents, munching our way round all the tasters!
Despite having a full day we didn't cover half of it!

Again we'd arranged to eat out, this time at Kota Kai. This is a relaxed, contemporary restaurant and I have to say the food was outstanding!

Another relaxed day. After a quick stroll to the harbour, we had another Al fresco lunch.

In the afternoon we drove up the road to Rinsey, to collect Doris, which we'd reserved. 

We then took a walk along the cliffs as it was lovely and sunny again, although a tad windy!

This site has some of the old mines, which featured in the original Poldark series.

On the return we stopped off at a pub called Out of the Blue, here they are compiling a photographic history of the village. My Dad has spent many painstaking hours researching, editing and compiling these photos into topics, I think it will be fantastic once complete, and a great legacy for the locals.

After a lovely home cooked meal, we relaxed with a film.

For our last big day out, we had chosen the Lost Gardens of Heligan, somewhere I've always fancied visiting, and it certainly lived up to its reputation! 
We started round the yellow route,

 and linked back round to do the pink trail.

 Some of the ancient huge trees were amazing with their mass of trunks and branches!

We stopped for a lovely lunch before wending our way round the various styles of garden.

 I was in floral heaven!

We wound our way around the Jungle, despite the steep terrain,

 and across the rope bridge.

 After struggling to find our way out, we made it to the last part, the woodland walk,  which enabled us to see the 3 sculptures.  The newest one is hardest to spot as it hasn't developed enough. 

But the mud maid

 and giants head were fully established and fun to see.

Again we had packed in a full day, so for our last night we went to a local Indian restaurant aptly named India. With its traditional decor, we were served up a tasty array or curries, suiting all our different tastes!

The following day was our final day, the week always goes too fast! After packing, we had our last lunch in the garden

before a last milkshake and trip to the harbour

We had a mad sprint to the station, and then it was tearing ourselves away from the relaxed coastal resort for another year...