Sunday, 22 November 2015

Birthday week...

So this week has been my birthday and the celebrations have all revolved around food
Hubby made me a lovely brunch

We had tea and cake in the afternoon

And in the evening we went out to dinner at Zizzi's

Later in the week, I went out for yet another meal, this time with the lovely girlies from work
We went to Bill's Restaurant, which I haven't been to before, but I will definitely be going back!
I had Mac Cheese and Lemon Meringue, and it was so yummy!

I had some amazing presents, 2 new bags and scarves to add to the collection

And a few more crafting items to keep me amused!

There has been precious little time for crafting, and there will be less and less as we near the mad season, but I have made a few more shawl flowers, i'm just struggling to work out how to continuously join, but i'll get there slowly...

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Posy Scarf...

"I had a break
I didn't intend to
It was a week
But turned into three
I haven't been lazy
Lots going on
Not much crafting
But changes for me..."

So the 'Posy Scarf ' is complete.

The ends have been tidied away and it was laid out and blocked

For the first time Doris got unwrapped and put to use.

The days have been dark and grey, but Friday when I was home from work, the sun showed it's appearance, and we had some light and brightness.

Firstly we had an indoor shoot near the window with rare natural light.

But I couldn't resist taking her out, into the rays of the sun, with the dark green bushes filled with bright orange berries as a background

Meanwhile, I have still be working away on making lots of pink posies, when I have a field full, then I can then face the task of working out how they can join for the shawl pattern...

So after my prize winning last month, it's like buses, I won another prize! This time it was a Woodland prize pack from a group of amazing crafters
It's been exciting getting different packages through the door, so far I have received these goodies...

Cards, notebook and print from @bycharlieshand and 3 prints from @erryberrydesign
I'm feeling extremely lucky!