Sunday, 26 May 2013

more granny patchwork. ..

So this week I have made some more squares for my patchwork granny cushion.

I used the same patterns as last time.
Its amazing how different they look, in two different colour ways!

So now I need to do the bit I dislike, sewing in the ends. You'd think I'd do it as I go along to make it less painstaking, but no I put it off!!

Then it's joining the squares together. I need to decide whether I sew them or crochet together?
Then I need to decide what to do for the back? Whether I just use a full piece of Denim, but that would require sewing skills? or I continue the mix of denim patches and crochet squares??
Hmmmm, decisions, decisions!!

We purchased some new cookery books when we were on holiday. A coffee one, which we just had to have!!

And today, we made our first recipe out of it!!

Coffee and Walnut cake - yummy!!!

Had some lovely flowers from hubby this week, the smell of the Lillies manage to  perfume the whole room!

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Granny patch cushion

So this week its been back to reality and back to work. The first day back is always full of dread, and wishing the relaxation and free time could continue, but the week in reality hasnt been too painful.

This week I have been making some little crochet squares to go with my denim pocket.
I have chosen patterns out of the 200 crochet blocks book.
Granny Stripes

Circle in a Square


Chocolate Box

Old Vienna

They were enjoyable to make and not too taxing. When I started to lay them out though, I wasn't too sure whether they were a bit too mis-matched.

So I started to do matching blue edges to tie them all together.

This has improved it but I'm thinking I need to do so plain patches of denim, so the mix of fabric and yarn is more obvious...
Any opinions or suggestions would be welcome...

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hampshire Holiday...

This week we escaped. From work, home and all the stress.. We went down to Hampshire to stay with my Mother.
Weather wise it was a week of two halves. The first being very warm, sunny and not a cloud in the sky. The second, a 10 degree drop in temperature, cloudy, heavy rain showers and strong winds. We planned our week accordingly and had some lovely days out, and the relaxation we both craved.

We arrived on Monday at lunch time, and after a catch-up and food, got out as soon as possible to enjoy the sun. We were taken to Hayling Island for a lovely beach walk.
We stopped off at the Mad Hatters Tea Party cafe, which in the write up sounded like a fun, themed drinking spot, it didn't quite live up to its name though!

I love the sea, whatever the weather, I find it relaxing and enthralling to watch.

It was warm, with a slight sea breeze, and so lovely to be out enjoying the fresh air, instead of being stuck indoors as we usually are.

Tuesday was a glorious day. Hot and sunny. We chose to go to Exbury Gardens. These are known for their amazing blooms of Rhodedendrons and Azaleas. With the bad, long winter, the flowers were a little late in developing, but it still was a beautiful sight. I can imagine if you get the timing right, and visit at its peak it would be an amazing mass of colour.
We went on the little steam train, which took us around the north ends of the garden.

Stopped for a picnic in the lovely grounds.

And strolled around looking at the beautiful blooms...

An enjoyable, relaxing day, surrounded by beauty and nature, well worth a visit.

Wednesday we wanted an easier day after our previous days walking, so we took a trip to Wickham, unfortunately I forgot to photograph anything on this day, obviously relaxing too much! But it is a quaint village which has lots of lovely little gift shops, a great place to idle around, browsing the nic-nacs and goodies. We stopped for coffee, plus I managed to pick up a couple of books in the charity store, before heading back for lunch. In the afternoon, to avoid the bad weather we went for a game of bowling. Surprisingly I managed to win both games, I can get the odd strike, but usually i'm inconsistant!

Thursdays weather didn't look too bad so we risked the outdoors, with a visit to Amberley Working museum. This holds historical pieces from the industrial heritage.
There was another little trip on a steam train, plus old busses to save our legs, to get around the estate.

There was the telecommunications building.

The electricity hall.

There were 'Trades and Tools', a 'printing workshop' a 'pottery', a 'wireless exhibition' and a 'railway exhibition' and many more sections.

We then went to find the actual village of Amberley, which was the most idylic, 'chocolate box' village, which was full of thatched cottages.

Friday morning was another leisure day, and the morning I spent reading, something I really enjoy, and was a complete novelty, once I get my head stuck in a book it's hard to get me to put it down!

In the afternoon, we took a trip to Rowlands castle to see Handmade Studios. This is a delightful studio with a collection of little rooms, filled with delightful handmade goodies.


This also includes my little crocheted birdies, which were in the window, peeking out at the sunshine.

The intention was to meet with the owner Linda, unfortunately she couldnt get back in time, but I did have a lovely chat with Beverley Harris, who has her own studio in one of the rooms. It was a lovely visit and to be able to see the contemporary collection of textiles.
We stopped off on the way back to visit my great aunt who lived close by.

On our final day, we wanted a last trip to see the sea. We went to nearby Lee-On-Solent. The sun stayed out for awhile, but boy was it windy.

There were plenty of people out and about enjoying the choppy seas. Wind-surfers, sail boats, kite surfers, gliders and jet skiers.

We had to stop off for refreshments of course, just to get a break from the relentless winds.

After a browse in a couple of gift stores, we made our way back to the car, via the beach, racing to stay ahead of the looming black clouds, and thankfully we beat the impending rain.

It was an extremely enjoyable week, just what we needed, but it just went too quickly as holidays do...

Sunday, 5 May 2013


So last week I purchased some yarn on a whim, after reading another instalment of Attic24's blog. I love the whole mix of colours, so I thought I want me some of that.

It wasn't totally just a frivolous decision, as I had the idea in my head that i'd like to attempt some cushions and I needed some nicer yarn than just acrylic.
I've had this idea for ages that I wanted to combine the pocket of a pair of old jeans with crochet.

Only problem with this idea is it means I would have to sew round the pocket to adjoin the crochet, and I have a fear of sewing. But I won't let this hinder me, so its back to youtube to see how to blanket stitch!!
So I found an easy to follow tutorial, and found the stitch to be quite simple,  just need to keep the stitches at even lengths.

I had intended to work around the main back pocket, but after cutting it out, I ran into issues.

Firstly jeans pockets aren't square, they have a V at the base, plus even the straight edges aren't even straight! So after folding, pinning and pressing, re-folding and re-pressing, I decided that I was being a bit ambitious for a first attempt, so I switched to the tiny, square-ish, pocket that is tucked within the front pocket.
I stitched all round the denim square.

And then crocheted all round the square.

That is all I have done so far, as it takes longer, as i'm learning as I go.

I have the week off work now, and we're going down to Portsmouth area, to spend the week with my Mum. We are hoping the nice weather will continue so we can enjoy some days out :)

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