Sunday, 9 November 2014

Felted flowers...

Over the next couple of months im not likely to get much crafting done as work will be busier, as we get into the throws of the season, but it becomes more important as its my way of relaxing...

So for this week ive been working on embellishing my latest cushion, but this time instead of crocheted flowers ive gone back to needle felting for a different effect.

I love the texture and look of these flowers, and that you can blend your own mix of tones and colours.

I think I may need to add some embroidery to enhance it, which means sewing, but if I call it 'painting with yarn' then maybe I'll find it more enjoyable.

For this weeks mood square, I thought I would try the Linen stitch, ive seen a few quite a few images, and wanted to give it a try. I really like it and think it could be a good possibility for the next cushion background as its a great solid stitch, and easy to do.


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful! Crafting is such a wonderful way to relax isn't it! Hope you still manage to find time xx

  2. What a good idea to needle felt the flowers on to the cushion cover - they look great. I hope you still find time for a bit of crafting, it's so important to take a break! x

  3. The felted flowers look really lovely on that background.

  4. I find needle felting can be quite relaxing - until you prod your finger!!!!

    1. Oh yes and how painful is it the following day!!

  5. Oooh, love the needle felted flowers, they've worked really well. A gorgeous mood square for this week too! x

  6. The flowers look really pretty and they work really well on the background.

  7. Your felted flowers are sooo pretty and I really like the mood square pattern. The colours are gorgeous.
    Ali xx