Sunday, 16 November 2014

Virtual doors are open...

This week I concentrated on getting my little online store back open again.
I set up my mini blank backdrop to photograph my products, with the little bit of morning light.

Then it was to the editing to make the white background actually look white!

Then it was to the shop, adding each item and writing descriptions.

It's all very time consuming but fingers crossed it will be worth the effort.

Once all the cushions were relisted, it was the same process to get the baubles that I made last year, getting hubby to pick a sprig of holly for the finishing touch.

I welcome you all to my newly open store. The ribbon is cut (but not a celebrity in sight!), the trumpets are blowing (a party popper might have to do) and the doors are finally open (even if they are just virtual doors!)

I also went back to my mood squares as I'm determined that I will be ready for the unveiling at the end of the year!
I made another couple of squares. The first I had a test of the pattern that Attic 24 made for her new blanket.

The second, well I just made it up! I worked through the back of the stitch only, so it had a different effect. Adding a couple of normal tr stitches in a contrasting colour.
Once I'd  finished I decided it needed a little something of interest, so a few little embroidery stitches later and little rows of tulips were born...

I've spent plenty of time edging my previous squares, and getting those pesky ends sewn in.
I do feel like I'm getting somewhere, but the biggest test will be as I get busier at work and it eats into my time more and more, which is why I need to make sure I'm not trailing behind...

Today I have a rare Sunday off work, why?, because i'm creaking my way into being another year older!
I was treated to coffee and breakfast in bed...
Followed by opening cards...

And presents. 
I was completely spoilt!!

Tonight, I am looking forward to celebrating with a meal at a local Italian restaurant


  1. Happy Birthday :D I love your photographs, I'm off to have a look at your shop in a moment. I hope lots of people see and fall in love with all your items.

  2. I have to add your store looks fabulous and I love your descriptions - mine need some serious work.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time out to have a peek, and your kind comments. I have indeed had a lovely birthday x

    2. The course I've been doing is called Set-Up Shop course, I found it here.. I'm still working on loads of action points from it and its definitely worth it.

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely meal. Your cushions are fantastic.I'm also struggling to get clear photos, the light is so terrible at the moment. #handmademonday

  4. Happy Birthday! I love your little test squares, what fun to experiment like that.

  5. Happy Birthday! What a lucky girl you are. Your mood squares look interesting. I am just beginning to think about designing some squares for a workshop next Spring, never done this before so could be a bit of a challenge!!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you've had such a lovely day :) Your Folksy shop is looking fab, i definitely think it is worth taking the time to get good photos, I love your baubles, aren't they fun! x

    The SHOP looks great! Love those BALLS...
    Good to hear that Someone has managed to "find" time to set-UP a "shop"! -- I'm still trying to find some just to catch-up on my Pinterest postings! Been so busy with MAKING Stuff for Craft Fairs, that I can barely squeeze in any much needed "PHOTO-OPS"! - I've actually resorted to bringing my Blankets to Stores and using Their "Displays" as *Backgrounds*! And, secretly hoping that "Someone" might want to buy Them then & there!
    Perhaps 2015 will provide a "space" on my Calendar to get around to doing all of the CYBERwork needed to set-up a Shop as well..? -- Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK with Yours!!

  8. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you celebrated in style - and your shop is looking fantastic - I love the Christmas baubles they're such pretty colours!

  9. good luck with the store - the baubles look great