Sunday, 23 February 2014

Oxford mini-break...

So last week I didn't get the chance to do my usual post. Why? Because I was having Christmas no II.
We had to cancel my Mums visit with everything that happened over the original season. It felt weird exchanging presents in February but lovely to spend time catching up together.

We decided last week, as we had a few days booked off work, that we would go away for a mini break. We both felt that the break away to somewhere new would be beneficial. 
We chose Oxford, as it was affordable and accessible by train and for once we chose to head north-bound.

We stayed in a lovely B+B, which was just out of town. It was just opposite the Thames, and if our trip had been booked the previous week, the road was completely flooded. Luckily for  us the weather stayed reasonably fine.

On arrival, we strolled around the high streets and shopping malls, and picked up plenty of  leaflets to plan places to go.

With our organising done over lunch, we walked the lanes and headed to the museums.

We chose the Natural History museum as our destination, and despite it being very busy due to it being half-term week, we enjoyed our afternoon pouring over the artefacts

bones, and animals

The following day, our first stopping point was the castle. This used to be a gaol and we had a fantastic guide (each guide dressed as a character from the castles history) we had a gypsy who had been a prisoner and had managed to escape twice. She was full of stories and had a great interaction with the group.

After a hot-chocolate break, we headed towards the Carfax tower, this gave us a view over Oxford. We were glutton for punishment, as we'd already walked up 100+ steps in the castle, and now we had another 100+ to tackle.

Then it was a trip up to the Alice shop before having a bite to eat.

As the sun gave a rare appearance we took a stroll to the poor over-flowing river

and around the college exteriors

We rounded up the day with a lovely meal and a colourful round of drinks...

We thoroughly enjoyed our little trip, although we felt quite exhausted from our long active days, but we would recommend anyone to drop into the city. 

So for last weeks mood square...

I chose Red = valentines, Blue = tiredness, and lilac for relaxed at home...

And this weeks mood square

Red = Christmas (and cherry sour shots ;-) ), Yellow = Adventure and exploring, Pink = Happy and together, and Lilac = relaxed

I've been forcing myself to continue with my mini squares cushion, but I was falling a bit out of love with it, as I was finding the joining/edging so tedious to do!, and was eager to start something new. I was happy to reach the completion of the front, but felt downcast that I had to start all over again with the back. But with the experience i'd gained from the first joins, I found my progress to be much quicker, so there may be light at the end of the tunnel yet!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

mini square joining...

So this weeks mood square is completed. Not a very exciting week. Work has been slow, plus had a meeting in Basingstoke, a shopping centre that I really do like, so I needed no excuse to pop in to Zaras and Wilkinsons. So ive used a neutral cream. Home has been quite relaxed, so I made a lilac centre, but feeling tired and not sleeping too well, so added a touch of blue...

I have managed to complete the horizontal joins on my mini square cushion

Once my little coloured squares are completed, I double crochet across the full width of the squares, adding a chain stitch in between each square.
Then to join, I put two strips together, right side facing, and double crochet the two white strips together...

This is the back of the squares, you can see the ridge going along...

Now i've got to figure out the vertical lines

I think it may be a little fiddly but i'm looking forward to seeing it completed...

With Valentines fast approaching, hopefully i'm in for a fairly busy week at work, and ive always got my squares to come back to, to help me relax...

Sunday, 2 February 2014

January squares....

This weeks mood blanket square is made of two different colours. Firstly the pink, as things had settled at home, finances were getting sorted, and despite being a bit cluttered and surrounded by stuff, we had made a start working through the boxes.

The second ball used was a multi-toned yarn, predominantly green, but with some yellow and cream too. This summed up work, which is pretty quiet, but still managing to bring stress and frustration

I like how the squares are all turning out so completely different

And already a whole month has gone by!

I haven't had much chance to work on my mini squares, as i've not managed to have much free time

But I did begin the joining process, and have worked the first two strips together

Am hoping to be able to have a lot more of the front joined by next time
so until then....