Sunday, 28 October 2012

Just want to say a big "thank you" for all the supportive comments from the 'Handmade Monday' contributors, on the lead up to my craft fair.

Unfortunately, after my big effort, the craft fair was a bit of a let down :(
It was slow for everyone, and the people who have shown before believe the area may be just too affluent!

For me personally, i'm not sure that I gained any insight. I'm not sure whether my display was strong enough (although as a non-driver i'm not sure I could carry any more!), or whether my pricing was wrong, or if I just didn't have enough stock! It is extremely disheartening, but I need to put this behind me and find another one to give a go!

I have just started to work on my first Etsy order, for some christmas baubles.
As I always tend to work in a bright, rainbow colourway, it makes a change for me to be working in someone elses taste of colour palette.

This set is to be done in white, coral and silver/grey.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Craft fair countdown!

This week i've felt a little under the weather, been trying to keep this cold at bay with orange juice and smoothies, but it worked it's way through.
My Mum came up for a days visit, and she took me to our old home town of Croydon, to visit a friend and collect boxes of yarn which I have had in storage for a number of years!! It was great having a catch up and now I have loads of exciting packages to look through, which will be more exciting than christmas, seeing what lovely yarns I actually own!

I have been getting together all the different componants that I will need for my craft fair next weekend.
Lovely lush purple velvet material to cover the table.

My business cards have been printed.

Found some colourful labels to use for price tickets.

Ordered my carrier bags.

And of course trying to get all my goods completed.....


Phone covers


                                                                       Heart decorations

                                                                      Bird decorations

                                                                 Triple bird decorations

                                                                     Robin decorations

                                                                 and Christmas Baubles

So all the bits have come together.

I just want to go back to some of the scarves that I knitted many months ago, and see if I can get those finished too...

Sunday, 14 October 2012

creepy & christmassy

So things have been tiring, stressful and emotional since coming back from holiday. All our thoughts and love are with my Mother-in-law who is currently in hospital.
I confess I haven't felt like doing any crafting at all, even though it's normally a form of relaxation for me.
But, I have a my 1st craft fair, in just under two weeks, so i've had to crack the whip, and get on with things.
I've dug out all things i've started and painstakingly focussed on finishing.

My Baubles, I decided needed to be in pairs and not just singles. This meant doing identical matches, something else that feels unnatural to me, as I like to do unique designs. I still have 3 more to finishes decorating!

I have finished off my Robin decorations.

These I started last winter and although I had crocheted all the bodies I hadn't done any of the finishing touches to make them come to life!

I couldn't help myself though! I had to start something new! With seeing all the halloween decorations and products around, I was inspired to crochet a Spider. He's not at all scary though, he's a friendly chappy!!

As well as all the makes i've been trying to get my head around all the other bits I may need for the stall, cloth for the table, business cards, price tickets etc... It's alot to get my head around especially when working full time! I'm trying not to get too worked up, I can only do my best with whatever I have on the day!!

Handmade Harbour

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Roads to Rhodes - part 2

Day 5

Today was supposed to be a rest day for us. I did however want to walk into the New town. They had the stores that are all very familiar to us, including M+S and H+M. The reason for me wanting to go was i wanted to visit my favourite store Zaras. Although we have stores in the uk, i dont actually have one near to me. We were supposed to spend the afternoon sunbathing, but somehow we got lured into the Old town again.

With its bustling cafes.

And great tourist shops selling traditional items and momentos.

Amongst the history and ruins.

Its a place that we enjoyed spending time, with its great atmosphere, steeped in history, so we spent days and evenings there.

Day 6

We took a bus to Lindos, which is much further south down the Island, and somewhere we had considered staying. It took an hour and a half but was worth it when we arrived.

With its mountain goats

The first thing we did was take a donkey ride

up the steps and the steep slopes

to the acropolis at the top of the mountain

We climbed to the top to the temple ruins

With great views across the town

There was a great expanse of ruins

and temples.

We stopped at a greek taverna for some lunch.

We strolled around the lanes

checked out the beautiful beaches

and stunning harbour

Day 7

Our last day. As we were booked onto a night flight, we still had the whole day and evening to make the most of. So no surprise we chose to go to the Old town.

We went back to the hotel via the harbour, with its windmills

where there were a large quantity of cats, so famous that they are on postcards, and have their own calender.

On our way back we spotted a Greek male choir

In the evening, we went back to the Old town, to soak up the last of the atmosphere, and to buy the last of the presents to take back.

So it was goodbye Rhodes, and on the road to home... It was a pleasure and we wouldn't hesitate to go back...

Roads to Rhodes - part 1

I finally made it to Greece, somewhere I always fancied going, and Rhodes was our destination...

Day 1
We arrived at 7am after a night flight, had an hours kip before breakfast. After looking round the hotel, we decided we needed to have a nap to be able to function for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon we took our guide map and took a stroll down to the harbour.

Found the medieval walls which surround the old town

And into the lanes and courtyards of the Old town

After dinner we were treated to some traditional Greek dancing

Day 2

We chose to do an open bus sight-seeing tour round the North of the Island.

We went round the whole route, taking in all the beautiful sights, before going round again and deciding where were going to jump on and off. Firstly we got off at the furthest point of the Old town walls.

After stopping for a refreshment, as we were wilting in the heat of the sun, we tried to follow the bus route but got a bit lost and ended up back at the hotel. So we walked back round to the harbour, to jump back on the bus. The huge and impressive Queen Elizabeth cruise ship was docked.

Back on the bus it took us to Rhodes acropolis.

And walked down to the ampitheatre.

Day 3

We had a nice lazy sunbathing day on the local beach.

Day 4

We took a boat trip to the Island of Symi, as we had been told it was beautiful.
We spent an hour and a half on the boat.

Looking back at the town we were leaving behind.

And headed towards the rocky Island.

Then we headed round to the small harbour of Panormitis, and the sight of the monastry loomed up ahead.

We went inside the monastry, which was beautiful with Byzantine paintings all over the walls, and went further up to see the impressive clock tower.

Back on the boat for another half an hour till the stunning view of Symi came before us.

With its beautiful traditional style buildings, going up into the side of the island.

We stopped for lunch, as it was the middle of the day heat, and we were in need of refreshment. I opted to a traditional sandwich, with mozerella and sun dried tomatoes.

We opted to take a train ride.

This way we were able to see more of the Island, plus we wouldn't have to walk up steep hills in the heat!

It took us up one side of the island, with great views. The water was so clear and a deep blue.

We strolled around the lanes.

And looked around the shops selling local produce, including leather goods and sponges.

After an enjoyable few hours around the beautiful island it was time to head back on the boat.

cont to part 2.....