Sunday, 16 September 2012

Finishing Touches

So this week I had a rummage through my chest, and I found quite a few unfinished items. I don't think I'm alone with the multi-project issue. I have an idea that I want to start, I get part way through or I've made a few then I come up with the next project I want to try. I thought it was about time these poor discarded items got completed.
When I was making my mini heart decorations, I thought I would try to convert the pattern to a larger size to make a heart plush. I had crocheted both sides, and even did some flower decorations.

But as I was sewing it up I felt something was missing. By then I had a new idea and the heart got pushed aside. I've now unpicked the sewing and crocheted a different coloured edging to tie in with the decoration.

So now I'm much happier with the outcome.

I've also completed another Bauble.

A red and white Nordic style one, decorated with red beads.

And I've decorated my little tree decoration.

I added little bead garlands and larger beads for baubles and the final added touch was a bell at the top of the tree!

I haven't touched knitting at all since I taught myself to crochet. So the scarves I had originally knitted hadn't had a look in as my passion for crochet took over. So again I will be finishing off, whether its just sewing in the ends or embellishing.

 I have managed to complete one and have a few more to do.

I will endeavour to carry on my good ways as I have plenty more finishing to do!  I'm not expecting to get to much done this week, as I have a hectic schedule. Its my 2nd Wedding anniversary on Tuesday. On Wednesday I have a long haul up to Derbyshire for works annual conference, plus my normal days at work.
But we have a holiday in sight, next Saturday we fly to Rhodes, and as we are both exhausted we are counting down the days...

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Richmond Park & little christmas trees...

I've not managed much crafting this week, as on my weekday off I actually had a day out :)
I met up with a friend (who I've not seen since my wedding nearly 2 years ago!), at Clapham and we had a lovely day round Richmond park. We sat in Old Deer park and had a catch up with news.

 It was a lovely spot, not a sole around, and the sun was blazing, though a little noisy as we were sat in the Gatwick flight path.

We moved on to find Richmond park, which was ait of a trek especially in the blistering heat! We had to stop for lunch as we were sweltering and in need of refreshments.
We spent a lovely couple of hours around the park, and were surprised at the sheer size of the place.

Unfortunately we didn't see any deer except for a fleeting glimpse of one when we were leaving.

One thing that I have made a start with is a small christmas tree decoration.
I start by drawing a basic shape.

I then start to to follow the basic shape as crochet, increasing and decreasing where needed.

I then assess the finished shape and decide what alterations are needed. For this tree I needed to extend the original chain for a longer base, and to change when I did my first increase, for a longer bottom half and shorter top half.

This is still a Work in progress, so will see how it turns out when I've sewn two together, stuffed it and of course decorated it!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bracelets + Baubles

Since coming back from holiday, i've got back into the swing of crafting....
I've tried out a couple of new things too..
Macrame friendship bracelets.

I used to make these as a teenager, and as thats going back quite a way, i bought issue 16 of Mollie Makes, as they were featuring these. They covered a good variety of different styles and 'how to do's', which i could use as a reminder.

I found a great bargain pack of cotton threads, so this enabled me to have a play around and a variety of colour combinations to use.

I also tried adding beading, which was also featured in Craftseller magazine.

I was pleased with the results, although i did struggle with the fastenings, until i made an enquiry.

It brought plenty of memories flooding back..

The next project I am in the middle of is crochet baubles. Anyone who knows me, knows i'm not  a big fan of the C' word Ssshhh... (mainly because working in retail takes the magic away!) but i had ended up with some tin baubles which had got left over from xmas at work. I had kept them, with the traditional crafters way of thinking, "i'm sure i can make use of those"!!

So i finally got started.
I was pleased with the way the first one turned out. I had opted for red + green, traditional Christmas colours.

My next colourway, i chose gold and purple, nice opulent colours.

Once completed i did feel it needed something more. A bit of sparkle. So i added a ring of sequins, just what it needed!

So now i'm in the swing of these and enjoying making them, and even having to sew on sequins and beads isnt putting me off too much!!