Sunday, 11 September 2016

A spot of Geo...

Just popping in to say "hello", but I have to admit that I haven't managed to achieve any crafting whatsoever! None! Zilch! Zero! I have missed it as it is my main relaxant.
Sunday we were off work and after some housework we went into town to try to do some Geocaching. We were half successful finding 2 out of the 4.

The week seemed very hectic at work, so I didn't get much time in the evenings.

Ive finally decided to join slimming world, its much needed. I'm finding it tricky so far of thinking of things to eat, but hopefully i'll get into the swing of it!

On our midweek day off we met up with my Mum, and had a lovely day out at Bognor.
The sun was shining, we had a lovely relaxing day catching up
And managed to find 3 more Geo's too!!

Fingers crossed that I can manage to juggle my week of fitting in meal planning, cooking, food shopping, work and get some much loved crafting in!!
Until next week x

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Continuous pompoms...

It's been lovely having an extra day off this week, with a bank holiday here in the Uk, more time to play!
I did pop to town on the Monday to check out the carnival procession.

          We went for a mid week beach walk, where we saw pretty pastel, tranquil sunset skies.

Thank you to everyone's pompom advice last week, just one set it will be on the scrap yarn basket. I just need some goog light so I can take some decent pictures of the scrappy set.
My next basket is already underway, in fact the actual body is complete, but you'll be pleased to know that there is still an abundance of pompoms.

When i'd been plucking out different colours for the scrap baskets, I found a multi tone ball which I decided would be perfect for a basket all its own.

This one has been much quicker to work up without any colour changes, but to make it more interesting I thought i'd go all out with pompoms on this one!

So there's been plenty of wrapping, cutting, and fluffing!!

I am still continuing with the beast of the Mandala, slowly but surely i'm working my way round, but it sure is time consuming!

To give my wrists a bit of a break, I had a little play with my mini loom.
I had a go at the basics and some fringing.
Ideally I would love to have matching wall hangings to go with the baskets, but time will tell whether I can achieve this.

Can you believe we are already in September, and I've already had my first Christmas delivery at work :-(  I don't like that the evenings are drawing in already, and that we are heading towards Autumn.
Here's a look back at August