Monday, 31 March 2014

Colourful ripples and dark moods...

Well this week has been a bit crazy, and I don't seem to have had a minute to myself. It's been totally dominated with work, trying to juggle both Mothers day and Easter seasons. I seemed to end up doing something work orientated even on days off, and it was a long tiring weekend.
On top of that poor hubby has been laid up with a swollen and painful knee, which got so intense that it required paramedics to take him to hospital Saturday night...

I've put the cushion and the owl on the back burner for now. I will do a bit of joining here and there and eventually get to my 'ta dah' moment. And poor Owlie won't get his moment of glory until I manage to find my stuffing!!
So this week I decided to dig out another abandoned WIP my lovely Attic24 ripple cushion (just waded through the blog archive to find it was well over a year ago! blimey!)

I've enjoyed coming back to this one and it works up quite quickly. The only issue is after using soft, squidgy acrylic i'm finding the cotton quite hard going for my fingers.

I also started a new little project, as everything is part way through, I had nothing that was portable, which I need to take to work or on trains. I have some lovely multi-coloured drops yarn that I had picked up from the knitting and stitch show last year, purely because I loved the colour.

I'm doing traditional grannies with them, and it will make a lovely soft, light-weight scarf. Its strange to get used to such a fine yarn, but i'm hoping it will look beautiful when it's worked up.

This weeks mood square is a bit dark!
Tiredness, stress, no relaxation or me time, trying to fit in shopping, cooking and looking after hubby =
grey, maroon, dark blue, bottle green...

Here's to a better week, and brighter colours...


  1. I really love the ripple effect, it's not something I've tried myself yet but I will soon. Hope your hubby s knee recovers soon I know debilitating it can be for yourself when someone is laid up through pain or illness.

    Try to take a little time and catch up with with yourself.

    I really love your mood squares and wondered what else you used them for, or do you just keep them as memories?


    1. Thank you dawn x the mood squares will be a blanket at the end of the year x it was the brainchild of @frofunky on instagram and most crocheters are doing a square a day, but I chose weekly which I would have more chance of sticking too x I am also using my mother in laws yarn so it will also be a memory blanket xx

    2. Love the idea of a memory blanket x

  2. I absolutely LOVE a crochet ripple project. The happy rhythm that you get into in these projects is just unbeatable. The finished product will be great, I promise - keep going! x

    1. I am enjoying the ripple flow x but ive been silly and not done the ends as I go x

  3. Hope your husband is recovering - sounds very painful. I love your ripple colours - gorgeous. Hope you have a better week this week

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  4. I love your multi-coloured yarn, I can't wait to see what you do with it. Hopefully you'll get some rest time this week.

  5. Sounds like a difficult week... i hope both you and hubby are feeling brighter soon. I'm sure the lovely colours of the yarn you've been working with help to cheer you up, your pics have certainly made me smile :) x