Monday, 24 March 2014

Growing Owlie...

Not much crafting activity to declare this week...
I did manage to have a cheeky little catch up with my Mum this week tho, which was an added bonus..
I had to take a trip to Southsea for work to merchandise a franchise store. She met me at the end of the day and we had a few hours to catch up and i got a lovely home cooked meal! She spotted a mirror whilst out round town, so I bought it for her for Mothers day.

Another addition to the home, a lovely Orchid. I love these flowers, so i'm really hoping we can keep it alive!!

Ive made a little progress on my owl, but there seemed to be a lot of unpicking so its been slow-going! I attempted to create an edging, but started by doing a seperate piece, till I realised that it would be easier to work around one of the body edges. After making the eyes, I found the beak I made was too large and now i'm struggling to get the eyes in-line!

This is why i've not attempted any amigurumis as the thought of putting them together scares me!
Now the last problem is, where on earth have I put the stuffing!!

My mood square this week:-
Blue = Tired
Orange = An enjoyable time in Southsea
Green = An upbeat week


  1. Another lovely mood square, I think the colours you've chosen are perfect.

  2. This is a lovely design. I really enjoyed reading your post.