Sunday, 9 March 2014

Relaxation crochet, and corner makeover...

So this week has been a lot more relaxed and not so dominated by work. Had more time to rest and for me and my little hook... Oh and I finally got round to getting a haircut, which was months overdue!
We did partake in pancake day, well it has to be done, doesn't it!

We have also been trying to focus some of our attentions on the house.
This week we decided to change the pc corner.

Since having a laptop we rarely use this area, it's become a bit redundant. So we searched for a new unit, and I came across one in our local heart foundation store. We compared it to others in furniture stores but all other entertainment units were too low. This was a perfect size and actually matched some of our other furniture.

This enabled hubby to bring his stereo unit out of the garage. Once we are able to connect our laptop to the printer, which means finding a disk buried in the depths of the garage, we will be able to get rid of the monitor and keyboard. I'm really pleased with our find and how it looks, but the area does look a bit techy for my liking, not enough pretty things on it, but for now I can live with it..

I've had some little jars tucked away for awhile, and as hubby likes to carry less and less change with him, i thought they needed to turn into penny jars.

But we couldn't just have plain glass jars, and coins to look at, these needed a colour makeover...

Aaaah, now thats better, now its a pretty, cosy, colour corner...

I gave myself time off from joining my mini squares cushion, to relieve the boredom, but I did get plenty of it done, honest!!

 Why is it when you have to focus on finishing something off, is the time when that you think of so many new projects that you'd like to start...

So my mood square this week is made up from a multi-toned lilac yarn, for my lovely relaxation sessions, with a contrasting turquoise for working on our homely tasks.
This one will need blocking before it gets attached, as for some reason its a bit tight, and doesn't lay as flat as the others.

Hooray for sunshine this week, what a refreshing change. Although i'm sure there must be some nasty, evil snow lurking somewhere in the future, i'm happy to take the spring feeling...

PS... I've just spotted that this is my 100th blog post... how exciting!!


  1. Wow what a busy week you've had. Like you I can't miss pancake day, especially as my OH is in charge of making them. Your jar cover are gorgeous, so cute. Have another lovely week.
    Ali xx

  2. I love the crochet covers for the jars:) and great to have a bit of house sorting - I don't think there would be much of our house I would photograph and share!!

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post. I must be one of the few people that much prefer to sit at the pc to do my work, I find laptops and the tablet great for browsing but I do like my desk and office chair :) but it definitely needs a good sorting out and a tidy up.
    I have penny jars, what a good idea to cover them :)

    Jan x

  4. OMG - crochet jar covers - they have definitely been added to my to-do list. I really need to make some of those!!!

  5. Congratulations on your blogging centinery :) What a productive week you've had! I'm v impressed with your progress on joining up the mini squares, they're looking fab and i looove your little jar cosies - so cute! x

  6. What impressive stereo equipment. The new cupboard looks very nice! 100 blogs - a big achievement :) x

  7. 100 Blogs is a huge achievement. I love your crochet covers for the jars, and your mini-square cushion is looking amazing.

  8. Congratulations on your 100th blog post!

    The jars now look very pretty and colourful. If the corner are is too techy for you, perhaps a crocheted stereo cover would make it look better :-)