Sunday, 6 April 2014

Knitted garden...

Thankfully this week has been a little calmer, although poor hubby is still laid up with his bad knee and hobbling around on crutches...
I had another work appointment in Southsea, to help with Easter merchandising, so this meant another occasion to see my Mum. After an early fog, it cleared to be a beautiful day. We took the opportunity to drop in to the little museum in Gosport, for the 'Blooming Marvellous' knitted garden show. This exhibition has been travelling for the last two years. What makes this so endearing is it expands with people adding pieces all the time.

It's one of those that the more you look the more you see... Little critters, flowers, animals, a whole veg patch, a big picnic, an allotment, and greenhouse, so much detail... These have been made by young and old, of all abilities, individuals and clubs
I made a start on the train with my drops yarn and used Attic24s join as you go method, I haven't tried this before and not sure if I've done it correctly, but I like that you can get an idea what the final product will look like straight away.

I received some happy mail this week. I had ordered a lovely doily from the talented @paintingbliss in America. I couldn't resist, it was so pretty, and it now hangs in my bedroom, looking over me as I sleep.

She also sent me a beautiful mini painting, just because of a slight posting delay, so cute

So to this weeks mood square

Bright Green = fun relaxed sunny time with my mum
Lilac = steady at work
Purple = people and their selfish, self-centered, nastiness


  1. What a fun exhibition! I never thought i'd see a knitted garden fork...! :)

    I really love the painting that came with your pretty doily too and also your mood square, you are always so thoughtful and original with your design and colour choices! x

  2. What a lovely exhibition - lots of fun things. The colours of your mood square are very soothing and restful. Hope you have a good week.

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  3. A lovely exhibition, so many little details. Another thoughtful and stunning mood square for this week.

  4. What s great exhibition, must check to see if it's still on this weekend to pop down to.

    Beautiful mood square, all my favourite colours x

    1. Yes it is on till next month. Its only small, but worth a peek as theres so many bits to look at. I hope you enjoy it if you go xx