Monday, 17 March 2014

Up and down, and round and round...

So last week was a bit up and down.
We started with a lovely day out with hubby's sister Claire. Rather than just staying in her local village, like we normally do, we thought we would take her out on the train, to Croydon, the nearest town. This is somewhere I know well as i spent many years living and growing there, but I haven't been back for a few years. It hasn't really changed much, other than a few shop names, but I didn't like being back in the hustle and bustle again...
But Claire enjoyed the trip and to get to explore somewhere different, so that's what mattered...

The following day, I had to venture back to Croydon, but on less happier terms, as I had the funeral of my best friends husband, who lost his battle with cancer.

Despite very foggy mornings, the days have broken out into lovely, warm, sunny days, oh the lovely feel of spring...

Crafting wise, I have been really bad, I haven't touched my cushion at all! Yes I went and started something 
I have made this Owl pattern before in the past

After making some more mini squares in a different colourway I had the urge to make a round of this multi-toned yarn.

I wanted to change the pattern slightly as I wanted my owl to be a bit bigger plus I wanted to make an edging so hopefully the creature will be able to sit flat. Its not yet finished, but the body has been made...
Just need to put together the band between them and then make the features...

So, to this weeks mood square...

Purple = Funeral
Yellow = fun day out with family
Jade = relaxation with husband and steady days at work

Until next week...


  1. Love the owls, but the thing that really caught my attention was the photo of the tree in the fog - it would look fantastic as a large print on the wall of a modern room!

  2. Beautiful owls and I love the foggy capture of the tree very atmospheric.

    What a clever idea to crochet a mood square, hope you have a good week next week x

  3. A lovely owl, and I really like the colours for this weeks square.

  4. Sorry about your best friend's husband. Hope you have happier days around the corner x

  5. Wow, some real highs and lows this week... I'm sorry to hear about your friends husband, that must have been a hard day, i'm glad that you've had some happier times too.

    I can't wait to see your new owl complete, he/she is looking fab so far! x

  6. All the best the best for supporting your friend at this sad time:)