Sunday, 22 September 2013

Crochet stars and squares...

It's been a busy week this week.
I had a trip up to Derby for my annual work conference.
This coincided with my 3rd wedding anniversary, so we just had time to dash to a local restaurant for a celebratory meal, once i arrived back.

I was also lucky to receive this lovely bracelet from Hubby. I had spotted it months ago, when we were holidaying in Cornwall, and he bought it without me knowing and snuck it away!

And at the end of the week unfortunately I had a family funeral to attend.

So I haven't really been in work much at all, which felt quite strange...
Any spare time my fingers have been working away...
Now my patterns are sorted, i've just needed to crack on with the making.

I've been making my my Star squares, in the cream, grey and red.

But alongside these I have also started the daisy squares. These are quite a simple and quick make, rather than the stars which take a lot more concentration.

These are a in a mix of pastel shades. Its been unusual working in both the neutrals and the pastels as I wouldn't personally choose either, I'm more of a rainbow brights kinda person!

The yarn I'm using is New Fashion acrylic from Woolcraft. Its a lovely soft yarn to work with, and doesn't split unlike some other acrylics, but is still affordable. I came across these from the lovely Angela on Instagram and her @Mycraftlife store.

The star squares I will be making into a lovely winter scarf

And the pastel squares I will be putting the daisies into the centre and making into a cushion

I have a week to get as much of these done as I can, as this time next week we will be on holiday, in Cyprus.
I'm counting down the days, I cannot wait. Our time to be together, to escape everything, and to relax in the sun... Heaven!...


  1. Hello again, I love your pastel granny squares the the square stars look great too. I know you have worked so hard on this project and it really looks nice!

  2. I love the pastel colours especially! Nice holiday to look forward to lucky girl!

  3. The crochet is so nice, well done :D

  4. such beautiful work! I love the pastel flowers, they will make a beautiful cushion and the stars will be really fun as a cosy winter scarf.

    Love your anniversary pressie too, so pretty! x

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary. What a perfect bracelet for a 'rainbow brights' sort of girl. Looking forward to seeing your daisy squares made into a cushion :)

  6. The star squares are made with gorgeous colours - they'll make a great scarf, Have a great holiday x

  7. I love the pastel squares, and your new bracelet is fabulous - clever Mr threadznshreds.

  8. What a mixed week you have had. You have really cracked the stars - they look really great.

  9. Love the stars.
    Have a great holiday - you shouldn't need your winter scarf there!