Monday, 14 October 2013

Cyprus memories & back to the Ali Pali...

This time last week, we were sat in sun loungers by the pool lapping up the last of the rays before making our way back home. We had spent the week in Paphos, Cyprus. We had a mix of relaxation and sightseeing, as on previous hols we've made the mistake of overdoing it and coming back more exhausted!!
After a long and not so smooth journey we arrived at our hotel around midnight, but had welcome drinks, some much needed snacks and a lovely room to settle in to.

The next morning it was up early for breakfast as we had a welcome meeting to get to.
We spent the day exploring the hotel and the local area. 
We walked along the seafront till we reached the harbour.

Dinner in the evening was always a buffet choice, but with a different theme each night, so it was never dull, or repetitive and there was something for everyone.
In the evening there was different entertainment by the outside bar. Tonight was traditional Cypriot dancers. And we continued our love with Ouzo!

Tuesday we spent a lazy day relaxing by the pool, enjoying the warmth of the sun, sipping ice cold drinks. This was partly due to hubby having a hangover, but we did need some us time to recharge our batteries. I joined in with aqua aerobics, and we only stopped our dozing and reading to eat.

Wednesday we went back to the harbour, but this time visited the large archaeological site. In the houses of Dionysos and Theseus were outstanding mosaics. We wandered around the ruins, pillars, the lighthouse and the ampitheatre.

We came out as we were desperate for refreshments, so we stocked up with water and had an ice cream. Meanwhile out popped this chappy from nowhere!

We found another section of the site and saw the quaint orthodox church.

We strolled around the town centre and I found some great funky trousers which are light and comfy, just what I needed. We made it back to the hotel in time, as the heavens opened and a heavy rain storm started!

Thursday we'd book in with the 'Love Cyprus' tour. This enabled us to see further afield and learn some history about the country and see some smaller villages.
We started with a drive by Aphrodites  Rock.

We visited the Archaeological site of Kourion, where there were mosaics, traditional baths and a large ampitheatre.

We went on to Kolossi castle.

We stopped for a coffee break in a little village,

before going on to Omodos, to a beautiful monastry.

We tried some bread made from chick peas at a traditional bakers and wandered the little lanes.

After stopping for lunch, we went to Erimi wine museum, where we had a taster of some white, red and sweet dessert wines.

This was a long day, but a very worthwhile and interesting trip.

Friday, we took the bus to the Municipal market. This was a large tourist market but we did manage to pick up some gifts.

We stopped for coffee, I took the safe nescafe options, whilst hubby went for the Cypriate coffee, which was very thick and dark.

In the afternoon we attempted another sun bathing session but the strong wind made it a little chilly!

Saturday we took the bus to 'The Tomb of the Kings'. This was a vast area with plenty of tombs to go down and explore.

We continued on the bus route till we got to Coral Bay. This was a beautiful beach area. We settled on sun-loungers on the sand and relaxed under the heat of the sun listening to the waves lapping.

We sat in a cafe at the end of the afternoon and watched the sun go down.

As the light faded, we got back on the bus to town, where we shopped around for our favourite liqueurs and spirits to bring home.

Sunday, our last day, after breakfast we got through the horrid task of packing, checked out, stored our luggage and had a long luxurious day in the sun,

before dinner and the overnight travel. Getting back to the uk we were greeted by thick fog and chilly winds!!

For the first time in many years I managed to make it to Ali Pali. It used to be an annual trip not to be missed for me, but with either work or being away on holiday I seemed to keep miss timing it!

It was good to be back, but I forgot how crowded, hot and manic it can get!

It didn't take me long to start purchasing!! I found gold ribbon that I was after on just the second stall, and somehow I managed to purchase another handbag!!!
I fought my way through the women, who were fighting their way through the yarn piles, material and other bargains.
I felt totally worn out by the time i'd made it round the great hall!!
But then there was the smaller room, with peoples makes, plus students and institutes work.

Of course I had to pick up some yarn, but I did control myself! It was a brilliant day but so exhausting!


  1. Your holiday looks magnificent, such a pretty place to visit. It looks like the Ali Pali event was manic, but I am glad that you found some bargains :)
    Have a good week - even with the rain :(

  2. Gorgeous photos - the sunset one especially :o)

  3. Lovely photographs - looks like you had a great timer. I love the photograph of the taxi. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Really enjoyed the lovely photos :)

  5. You look as if you were far more restrained than me at Ally Pally! Unfortunately it was throwing it down with rain on the day we visited so the taxi was rather overlooked in our rush to get into the dry. I really enjoyed the lovely sunny photos and blue sky. (sigh)

    1. Did you go on Friday then, cos it was raining when i went too. Shame I didnt know you were going would have been great to say hello xx

  6. Great pics, and trying not to be envious of you making it to Ally Pally!