Sunday, 15 September 2013

Star Gazing....

So the star in a square came to a positive conclusion. With my husbands help ( as i'm rubbish when it comes to numbers!), we tried to work out stitch numbers to make each side equal.

With this done, I confidently worked on the next test piece, following the pattern.
And all was looking good, until I came to the last edge, and found I had a baggy corner!!

How can that be, when it was all worked out stitch by stitch. See this is why me and numbers don't get on, there is no logic!!

So I played a bit more, worked and re-worked, until I finally got there!!

I don't understand why the last side is worked completely differently, but if it works, I guess I don't need to understand! These squares will definitely need blocking to secure their shape.
I then decided to crochet on top of the edge of the star outline, this makes it more prominent, well it is all about the star!

Thank you to readers who have given me encouragement a long the way, it sure helps to keep you going when you're ready to chuck in the towel!
I am happy with the outcome, but boy did it take a lot of effort to get there!
Now I can go ahead with actual colourway.

I've made a start on the cream stars and will put them in their squares next week. Wish me luck, for it to continue smoothly till the end....

Also on the side, I did knock up another test square. This was to go with the daisy chain I made previously,

so I wanted a daisy on a square. To my relief this worked up nice and quickly.

Obviously I won't be going ahead with these horrible colours, I just grabbed the nearest scraps, but think I will use a pastal combination, even though this goes against my natural instincts, as I do love a bright array of rainbow colours.


  1. hooray! your stars in squares will be absolutely gorgeous i know it - the extra outline is a great idea to make the stars really stand out, i can't wait to see them all completed :)

    Your daisy is so gorgeous too, what a gift you have with a crochet hook! x

  2. Congrats! It has been so much fun reading your posts and seeing how you figure out this problem of getting a star in a square. I wish you happy crocheting for the coming week!

  3. We've loved to read the ongoing story of the stars in squares, you've shown such great determination and perseverance, and the highlighted star looks great. I really like the colours you've used on the daisy square - but then I do like bright colours!

  4. A great post and I love your stars, they are so very pretty. Hope you have a good week.

  5. Nothing wrong with those colours! You must have the patience of a saint because I would've given up a long time ago I think. But the end result is wonderful x

  6. Urrgh, sometimes it scares me how much maths there is involved in crocheting! Well done to you and your husband! x

  7. I agree with Natalie in admiring your tenacity - I think there's a little heap of things behind the sofa that I've chucked there to try and forget!!!
    Loving the cream stars :)

  8. Well done in creating your own design. The square with the star looks wonderful and I absolutely love those daisies.
    Ali x

  9. The designing and working out of the pattern always takes such a long time and is always a challenge. Making the finished product is sooo much easier Lol :)

  10. Congratulations. You must feel a real sense of achievement.I really love it. Very worth all the work. :)