Sunday, 1 September 2013

star in square dilemmas

A short but sweet post this week as we are currently travelling to weston-super-mare for a couple of days away, and to visit my grandad. Ive not got a lot to show for my craft efforts this week as its all been a bit of trial and error! ! I wanted to try to get my crochet star within a square so I could use the star motif within a scarf and cushion cover. 
To be honest I really didn't know where to start,  as I'm still relatively new to crochet. I did flick through my blocks book and scrolled through youtube, and just decided to make it simple and chain between the points of the star, and build up the square sides from there. 

I was reasonably happy with the result, but felt it was a little too gappy for the end products, so I went back to the drawing board. 

I wanted to find a way of not just joining the points to the edge but the whole outline. This turned out to be a slow process with plenty of frogging, and a major headache. 5 points really don't go into 4 sides too easily!

After all my efforts I did finally get there but I didn't like it at all! I felt this was still gappy and even flimsier the original square. On the plus side it made me happier with my first attempt!  Now I need to decide whether I go ahead with this square or attempt another option? ?!
I have become a bit of an instagram addict, having drifted away from Twitter, as I have such limited time away from work and flicking through people's images is much more stimulating for me rather than trawling through words.  This week I saw a post of a lady selling bundles of acrylic yarn with so many beautiful colours,  could I resist, well No obviously not! !

I needed to choose 12 colours,  and the lovely Anita took a photo of my choice so I could change my mind if I felt I wanted to alter any. Then 2days later my lovely bundle of colourful softness arrived. As I've been planning my new projects I needed new yarn to be able to complete these,  obviously,  not that I really need an excuse to buy new yarn!! Now I can't wait to dive in and get started with it!


  1. Design can be a tedious trial. Stick with it and a solution will come.

  2. I admire your persistence, it can be so frustrating trying to turn your vision into a handcrafted reality can't it! I like the first star in a square, i think its cute :) x

  3. I love your stars! And how lovely to have all that new yarn x

  4. You're so clever being able to come up with ways to put your star in its own frame, I could never do something like that. For me my favourite is the 2nd one you did.