Sunday, 31 July 2016

Brighton and Baskets

So this weeks beach walk took place further down the coast in Brighton. We got off the bus at the Hove borderline and headed down to the waters edge.

We had a great, relaxing hour walking along beach combing. We had a massive haul, finding so many pieces.

We took a break for refreshment at a seaside café and had a delicious homemade macaroni cheese

We continued along the seafront but couldn't continue treasure hunting as the tide had come in

We looked into various shops and galleries along the front, until we reached the pier, and had our usual fun on our favourite games
We stopped off for a quick drink before heading to the Theatre Royal, where hubby had booked us a treat to go and see Footloose, which is one of my favourite films

It was a great production, and we both thoroughly enjoyed our day and evening out.

After making my mandala mistake last week, I'll admit I haven't yet picked it up again.
I have however, completed my scrap yarn piece
As it had turned into a bowl, I decided to finish it off with a picot edging

I have also started a new scrap yarn basket
I started with the plain circular base

And made a start on building up the sides, using up the small balls of scrap yarns, and working two colours together at a time 

I'll admit that I haven't quite finished sewing in the ends of the yarn basket/bowl. Although, with the mad mix of colours it means that you are able work over some of the ends.
By the time I have finished this basket I do hope to have finished the ends of all the scrap collection to be able to show them off together!


  1. I love your haul of sea glass, I can't wait to see what you make with them all.

  2. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing, I'm a sucker for a row of beach huts!
    The basket looks interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing more soon.

  3. I love Hove and Brighton, not been down for quite some time as the parking fees put us off. Love beach huts so quintessentially British.

    Your crocket fascinates me always so creative

  4. What a lovely day out. I love your bowls, especially the cream-based one.