Sunday, 7 August 2016

classic cars and scrappy baskets

So for this weeks walk we took a detour. There was an annual classic car show at a local park, opposite the beach. As we're still new and acting like tourists we thought we'd have a mooch around. Cars really aren't my thing, but even so I could appreciate the beautiful styles that were on display.
The fun part was when they started to leave the arena onto the main road. The were revving, doing burnouts, wheel spinning, and honking their horns. It was a great atmosphere.

My focus this week has been on a large scrap yarn basket

Its the largest one I've made so far, with lots of colour changes

I work with a big bag full of yarns at my feet, and have a lucky dip to choose the next colour to add, although it can be slightly edited, as I wouldn't want two colours or tones the same, I want them all nicely spread out. So sometimes its orchestrated randomness!! 

I do like the double colours blending together

And look, we have handles !!

I'm close to finishing. There's just a few more ends to be sewn in, as you can see. That's the only downfall to making a very colourful piece, so many ends!!

We go away on holiday next weekend, across to the Cornish coast. I will be taking my Mandala with me. Although its a bit of a beast, it is plausible to be portable. This will give me the opportunity to focus on this piece again, and rectify my mistake and get back in the flow...


  1. Love the cars, and the basket!

  2. Like you not so bothered by cars but they can be enticing. Went to a Jukebox fair once and the 50's cars were fantastic.

    I love this basket and with the handles in the design just perfect for so many things around the home. Pretty as well that you would not want hidden

  3. I do double-random all the time. Although, some combos might be weird, strangely enough, from a "distance" they work out well! I also have a soft-spot for doing solids with varigated...
    Anyhow, the baskets are turning out fabulously!