Sunday, 3 July 2016

Treasures and mandala madness continues...

So it was back to work this week, and the weather hasn't been the greatest, its been quite changeable.
On our day off together, despite the grey skies, we were determined to make the most of the beach.

We felt it would be a good treasure hunting opportunity as the sea had been churning well. And it was, we found plenty of pieces, but we hadn't anticipated on the strength of the wind nor the chillyness!

Apart from a lone dog walker we were the only ones braving the elements. Its normally me that struggles with the cold the most but the quantity of finds had me in a determined state of mind. We were in much need of a warm up, so we stopped for hot chocolate before we headed back.

By chance I came across some super cute mini glass bottles at The Works, perfect to display our pretty sea treasures.

              I took time out after work to visit the art instillation that's temporarily on our beach.

Its cleverly mirrored so you get to see unusual reflections.

The only problem, as they've been up awhile, they've been up against the elements so some of the mirrors are too dirty! 

I have continued to work on the mandala. I'm happy that week 11 is much less taxing

I wont go as far as saying easy, as I still managed to make a mistake!
I was so annoyed with myself, it wasnt really down to lack of concentration this time, but as i just pick it up in the evenings, I stop and start around the circle. For some reason I had the wrong stitches in my head so basically just made it up!!

                                 Looking back at my June pictures, I was shocked to see that
I hadn't made any baskets for the whole month! The Mandala and its massive rounds have literally taken up all my craft time, but also I thoroughly enjoy making it, I do though, need to find a way of fitting in some smaller projects too!


  1. I love your sea washed glass. I have seen some pretty jewellery made from it. Mandala is still looking fab.

  2. Loving the mandala, I've really enjoyed watching it grow :)

  3. These bottles are super cute - perfect for storing your beach treasures:) The mandala continues to inspire and impress me!

  4. The mandala is growing so large, I admire your patience.