Sunday, 17 July 2016

Scrap yarn basket...

On this weeks beach walk, despite thinking it was perfect treasure conditions, strong wind and waves and the tide far out, there wasn't much to be found.

Of course we still enjoyed our walk in spite of this

We walked as far as the pier

And decided to stop at the lovely café at the end of the pier for tea cake

And went on to the amusements to play the 2p machines

Craft wise I have been continuing round the mandala. Its extending out again, but thankfully not too complicated

I have also managed to finish my scrap yarn basket

Ive just got a few more ends to tidy up!

I love how its turned out and the fact that however many you made none of them would look the same! I intend to make another, but with some variation...


  1. I love your basket. So pretty. The cake and tea look pretty scrumtpious.

  2. The basket is gorgeous - the uniqueness makes it:)

  3. Oooo... chocolate! :-b
    The BASKETS are turning out FAB! So's the MANDALA-[that-ate-the-Tide]!

  4. I love your baskets so pretty remind me of a market in Marakesh with all the colours. Not difficult? crochet is double dutch to me but I love to see how you have done with your mandala

  5. I love the new basket and your mandala is magnificent

  6. I love the scrap basket. I have so many little left overs I should give one a go! And the mandala is looking amazing!