Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hot Hot Hot...

This week in the U.K it has been hot, damn hot!
I love summer, and warm sunny days, but this has been too much! Maybe i'm being a woosy Brit or maybe this country isn't set up for these conditions, as we get them so rarely. But it's been hard to move, function or sleep! 

Needless to say that not much crochet has taken place!
Its only the last couple of days, that the temperature has dipped slightly to allow me to pick up my hook

I'm still working on my Sweet Williams, rustic lace flowers
First a little colourful pile of centre circles

And then the second round shaping

And of course a touch of hookin in front of the tennis at Wimbledon

Although I don't complete a flower daily, I'm still continuing with my floral mood blanket, completing a batch at a time. Sadly i'm getting a bit slack with the ends though!

With the hot weather and Wimbledon what better excuse was there to have some strawberries and ice cream.....


  1. Your floral blanket is looking beautiful, it's going to be very impressive when it's finished!

  2. Glad to see your mood blanket it coming on :)
    I too indulged in strawberries and ice cream... I also had a couple of meringue nests with mine (was that a bit greedy)?

  3. Your blanket is going to look gorgeous when it is finished.

  4. We dont have quite the heat up here in Scotland that you are having! I do like the colours in your flower blanket, strawberries and ice cream lovely.

  5. I'm with you and the weather this week was too much, who knew trying to get to sleep could be so hard, when the bed got too hot you have top keep moving so no sleep, lol. Hit 34 at 1 point and we were wilting.

    Love the flowers you are building up quite a collection.

  6. Your blanket is looking great, love all the flower colours. Now I must go and get some strawberries and cream........

  7. The weather has been glorious, and I agree a little hot for crafting!! Glad you managed some crochet... The blanket is looking gorgeous:)

  8. The blanket is looking lovely! Theres always a good excuse for strawberries and ice cream!