Sunday, 12 July 2015

Woodlands and flowers...

It's been awhile but we finally managed to get out on our bikes last week. The sun was out, and the temperature was a bit cooler. We dusted off the bikes, made some adjustments and pumped up the tyres, and off we went. We went along to our lovely local park, as we had the intention of getting out to do some more geocaching. We found two in quick succession, hanging off a branch and nestled within a trunk.

We made our way towards local village, stopping for another, more taxing find, in and around holly bushes, but again we were triumphant. We stopped for a late lunch before making our way back, with two more finds under our belt before arriving home, from a fun and satisfying day.

My mood blanket is slowly growing, adding a few blooms each week.

It was the second week of Wimbledon, and I took time out to watch the Murray matches

I've continued trying to crack on with the rustic lace flowers. I do tend to get bored midway through projects, so I really have to focus on reaching the end.

I find it quicker to work a batch of the centres first, then do all of the second rounds and finally complete the third round and joining

I decided due to the openness of the pattern that it would work well as a scarf. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out...

I picked a few little flower heads on the way back from the village

So I'll leave you with a little floral inspiration...


  1. Aww isn't your mood blanket looking beautiful! Love the pretty flower heads too :) x

  2. What an interesting post. Love your blanket, and the flower photos at the end are very inspirational.

  3. Both your crochet projects are beautiful, I think it's fine to have loads of things on the go at once, then you can pick up what you feel like doing - it all gets finished in the end (eventually!)

  4. I love to see the progress of your mood blanket each week, the colours are fantastic

  5. Pretty little flowers, and I love how your rustic lace flowers are coming along.

  6. I've heard of geocaching, it sounds like a fun activity. The flowers are really pretty, I love the stripe on the backs, is it some sort of bindweed flower? I'm looking forward to seeing your finished scarf, it will certainly brighten up a cold day. :)