Monday, 29 June 2015


So this week, I decided to undo the last round, and try joining a different way. I'm much happier with this layout

On one of my many ongoing trips to the p.o.  I picked up a lovely bunch of flowers from a local independent stall

I was very happy when I saw this beautiful bunch of Sweet Williams

Especially as they are my current inspiration

I love the two tone mix of colours

All different shades and tones of pinks

From brights

to pastels...
I'm looking forward to continuing this pattern

Despite the hot weather, on a whim i had a quick baking session. I had been given a recipe for a banana and chocolate loaf, and I'd been dying to give it a go.
It was very easy to make, well it had to be for me to succeed!

I was very pleased with the outcome, and it was very yummy!!


  1. weird. When I first saw your Crochet Flowers, and BEFORE scrolling down to the next photo, I was thinking that they reminded me of THOSE Flowers! Anyhoo, they look Lovely!
    BTW, hold the banana, I'll just take some CHOCOLATE Loaf!

  2. Your crochet flowers are so perfect next to your vase of flowers :) the colours are lovely.
    Mmmm yummy loaf, I like mine with honey butter, hubby prefers maple butter on his :)
    Jan x

  3. I love how you've drawn inspiration from nature and created these beautiful pieces. The colours are beautiful!

  4. Loving your pics - Sweet Williams are one of my favourite flowers and your crochet is just perfect with them - Chris :D