Sunday, 19 July 2015

It's the little things...

So I thought that with the way my week was going, I wouldn't have anything to show you. I've been hit with a summer cold, so I've been stuffed up, sniffling and coughing, and I hadn't once touched my rustic flower scarf.
It was only near the end of the week that I managed to add some more mood flowers.

Then impulsively I decided to try out an idea that's been in my head awhile. 
I started by making two identical circles, and putting some stuffing in between them before joining together

It looks like a little space ship, don't you think?
I then added some petals around the edge

To add to the 3d effect in the middle, I decided to add a highlighting colour, following the swirl of the centre, an effect from only working through the back of the stitches.

I picked up stitches from the top circle and worked my way round

Originally I had intended to do a cushion or blanket with a flat background and padded flowers, but after this little experiment, and the fact that big projects take me forever, I actually thought what a cute little brooch this would make.
I've already started on a different colourway, with just the swirls to add

I'll make a few more of these padded floral brooches, trying out different colours, but I suspect that none will quite have the impact of the original flower for me...

I spotted a great little find in Tiger this week (one of my favourite go to stores), a mini loom. Back in the day when I studied textiles, I had not only participated in knitting, but weaving, tapestry and rag rugs too. I have been itching recently, to have a go again, and in fact the big ideas swirling around my brain, are incorporating weave and crochet together.

So of course I was eager to get it out and have a little play

Now I just need to practice and see if I can bring any of my ideas to life
So it's been the little things that have allowed me to be creative this week...

Floral inspiration this week comes in the form of a mandala, coloured in using a colouring app on my phone


  1. Ooo! Love those padded FLOWERS! - You can also "market" them as Doll Cushions... A bit of BARBIE swag perhaps..?

  2. They are beautiful little flowers, and they'd make perfect brooches.

  3. Love the little flower with the swirl - you are so creative.
    And you have taken me on a trip down memory lane, I had a wooden weaving loom as a kid, it came in a blue box and I made a whole load of table mats from peach and green wool (it was the 70's!) I wonder what happened to it?

  4. Your little crocheted flower is so cute. That's a great idea to add the stuffing to make it look so life like. Your loom is very fascinating. I would love to learn how to weave one day. Have a wonderful week.

  5. The flowers are so sweet, a basket full on a coffee table would look a treat.

    Not done weaving since college days and must admit makes me want to buy a small loom, maybe for my Birthday.

  6. weaving looks like alot of fun! love the flowers and hope feel better soon x

  7. I love that little weaving loom. But even more I love that new flower you've created. Amazing! You could even try modifying it into a pin cushion! xox

    1. A great suggestion thank you, i may well give that a try x

  8. I love the flowers, especially the yellow and grey one - very pretty. I remember having a similar loom when I was young (a long time ago) and it was such great fun to weave. Hope you have a good week.