Sunday, 10 May 2015

Matching Granny backs...

So this week i've been concentrating on the backs of the Crysanthemum cushions

I've chosen to use a traditional granny, to compliment the front pattern

Both colours are nearly complete

So its just the finishing and the joining left to do

I can't wait to get them completed, as the end point is the most tedious for me and I'm always eager to get started on something new
plus of course I can't wait to see how they turn out

I've also managed to upload 3 of my cushions into my Folksy store, so i'm getting there slowly but surely

This week it was time to upgrade my phone

so i'll be having a play and hopefully be able to capture even better photos


  1. What a lovely pattern, never seen that one before. All the cushions look really nice. I like the dandelion photo, sadly my skills in that area are pretty rubbish!

  2. Good luck with your shop. Fab photos!

  3. I know what you mean, i always feel impatient to get things finished in the final stages. Your Folksy shop will look fab with all of the beautiful cushion covers you've made :) x

  4. Finishing off a project is always a bit of a slog, my worst is sewing in ends when there are lots of colours. And I do like lots of colours most of the time!
    I guess in your head you are already on to the next thing! Looks good though so worth all this work.

  5. I've had a Samsung s5 for about a year and I love it. I think the s4 had more filters etc but the picture quality is really good. Have fun with it!
    I love watching how your chrysanthemum cushion is coming along :)

  6. I find finishing the worst part and especially with knitting to tend to leave longer than I should. Love the way you have done the blocks.

    Enjoy your new phone had Samsung before but last time went made and got an iPhone. The picture quality on these phones now is so good they can compete with cameras

  7. I love the colours of the Chrysanthemum cushions and enjoy playing with your new phone.

  8. The cushions look fab in your shop! The photos taken with your 'phone are amazing but I think that is also due to your photography skills xx