Sunday, 17 May 2015

Flowers & PJ's

So in my head I was thinking I could get both of my Chrysanthemum cushions completed for this week, but this is the problem, what my head thinks and what is reality are two different things!

I have pretty much completed one though, apart from the last couple of buttons to be sewed on.

I will get cracking with the second and hopefully fingers crossed they can have their special ta dah moment together pretty soon!

Until then I'll just leave you with a sneaky peak!

I did get a little side tracked at one point. I had been tidying the bedroom, which led to me sorting out my wardrobe, when I found a pair of P.J bottoms that had got a hole in. Now I'm sure the average person would just chuck them, but for me I saw potential! I sat down immediately and starting cutting them up in to strips, and before I'd got too far, I grabbed my largest crochet hook and started a circle.

I absolutely love how this looks. It has an amazingly thick feel to it, perfect to turn it into a basket. A fab quick, fun project I thought, BUT, it totally kills the wrist, and gave me a shooting pain up my arm. Gutted! I will persevere, but I will be sensible and do just a little at a time. I had set aside some jumpers to use too, and was looking forward to having a play. I don't know if it would help if I used a larger size hook, as I just went with what I had, which was only 6mm, so it does turn out quite dense! I will have a go, but all in good time....

I did do a cheeky little yarn order. Sensibly it was because I needed a joining colour, so I could actually finish an old wip,

 but as there was a drops sale, it would have been rude not to throw another pretty in the basket too!!

As I'm finishing projects. this meant I had nothing portable to do in lunch breaks. I decided to make some more flowers.

 If you remember these were from my monochrome cushion, but I have something different planned for these, but you'll have to stay tuned to find out what!

I'm still continuing with my floral mood blanket.

 It's growing well now, and I appreciated that it actually covers my legs now when I sew in the ends, as it was beneficial when we had a couple of chilly evenings!

That's all for this week, I hope to have more visuals for you next week...


  1. I love your pj project, how fun! So excited for the big reveal of the cushions too, they're looking fabulous :) x

  2. Your cushion is coming along beautifully. What a fun idea to crochet the fabric from the old PJs! I have never used Drops yarn before - maybe I need to give it a try. Your blanket is so so lovely, too. My best to you this holiday weekend :)

  3. What a creative idea from your old PJs I certainly would never have thought of that! Your mood blanket is looking very snuggly.