Sunday, 24 May 2015

Double Chrysanthemum blooms...

Spring has arrived, and we have not one but two blooms that have opened out and blossomed

I've completed both the singular and double colour, retro, Chrysanthemum cushions

The monochromatic cushion was completed first, enabling me to have a play around with the pattern

The back I decided to keep simple with a giant granny square, as the focus point is the bloom on the front

Once a basic pattern had been formed, I wanted to see what it looked like by adding a second  accentuating colour. These really aren't my taste in colours, but surprisingly I absolutely love how they work together, giving an authentic retro feel to the design

I continued to mix the two colours across the back too

I found some great packs of buttons at my local charity shop, and this set were perfect (they look more yellow in real live!)

It felt great to get these both finished, as the end process always drags for me, partly as I can't wait to see how all the components come together, but also i've got another 50 ideas and projects that i'm eager to try out!

These cushions have great texture. This image is actually the back of the flower, I like how that looks too!!

I just need to capture some more images in good light, and get them listed in my Folksy shop!

As you saw last week, I have already made a start on the next product. The flowers are finished, and now I'm making another c2c square, but it's still not a cushion, I'm trying something new, any ideas??


  1. I love the deep texture of the flowers on your cushions. The buttons were a good find.

  2. It's lovely when the back of your work is as nice as the front!
    Well done with the buttons, really they were free and you just made a donation to charity!

  3. I love both cushions. The monochrome is amazing because i was drawn to that lovely texture and the retro stylings of the green and orange one. Amazing!

  4. Actually, that Colour-Combo [coral and turquoise?] is still "on Trend" over Here! So no worries. Besides, even if they weren't, doesn't matter, your "WORK" is FABULOUS!!

  5. Those flowers are fantastic and stand out almost 3D

  6. Lovely cushions, I agree with you about the colours for the retro - I wouldn't have chosen them either but together they work so well.

  7. I love the flowers, they remind me of the rose window at York Minster.