Sunday, 29 March 2015

Picnics and fevers

It seems to have been a week of two halves.
The start was warm and sunny, and Springlike. We took a bus to go a little further out for another Geocaching trip. We went to Brooklands park, somewhere we'd not ventured to before, and found a couple more, one tucked in a fence

and a hole in a tree, a perfect hidey hole!

This time we took a picnic with us and sat by one of the duck ponds

It was lovely to be somewhere new, and to be out in the fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun, and enjoyed being surrounded by nature.

We spotted this that made us chuckle, we've heard that Red Bull gives you wings

There has been very little achieved on the crafting front this week as expected, with the work load piling up, what I didn't expect was to be hit by another virus, after not long getting rid of one!

I did manage to block my cushion, the only time an iron comes out in my house!

and a few more flowers added to the mood blanket

and i've been reading through the first few of the course emails. I've not physically done anything yet, but it's all been very thought provoking, and i'm looking forward to making progress once I stop feeling so physically and mentally exhausted.
I get a couple of days rest now before the final push (for those of you who don't know I work in a Chocolate shop, hence my life evolves around seasons) and then I hope to get back into my crafting rhythm 

Happy Easter to you all


  1. Its so lovely to get out into nature isn't it, especially when the sun is shining :) Your cushion is coming on beautifully, as are the flowers. I hope you're feeling lots better soon xx

  2. The blanket is looking lovely! I am taking the same course - it is very thought provoking yes - I too haven't done anything except think a lot - which is good as sometimes it's hard to look at your own work objectively.

  3. After a couple of weeks keeping up with your geocaching adventures, I've decided to take the boys out this week to a nice nature reserve nearby to give it a go! We're on mid-term holidays for 2 weeks and I know after they stop whinging about being dragged away from the playstation, they'll love it!

  4. Oh I do hope you feel better soon. Loved your walk though, nature to me is so wonderful

  5. I bet things are a bit manic in the chocolate shop at the moment! Hope you get a bit of a break soon.

  6. I bet things are a bit manic in the chocolate shop at the moment! Hope you get a bit of a break soon.

  7. Isn't it lovely to be able to find somewhere new to walk in such beautiful surroundings. I love your pictures of reflections of the trees in the water :)

  8. I enjoyed the stroll in your neck of the woods... I can't wait till I can do the same, beautiful pictures. Your picnic has my mind swimming for warmer days, it is nice here in Missouri today, back to sprucing the pots up for me. Crochet has to wait, love your cushion. :-)

  9. Your photos are so lovely. I'm sure it feels great to be of in the spring sunshine. Wishing you the very best for a wonderful week.

  10. The scenery around you is so beautiful, we're definitely going to try geocaching once the weather improves. I've still got loads to do from the Set-up shop course - the great thing is that you have permanent access to the facebook group.