Sunday, 15 March 2015

Star light, star bright...

So last week I showed you a sneak peak of my latest make. I'm trying a new yarn, made by Ice, which comes from Turkey. I had seen and heard alot about their range, and in the end could not resist temptation at the various different shades. I chose a grey/purple mix and I was pleasantly surpised at the softness.

I chose to try the star stitch for texture this time. It was actually featured in this months 'Simply Crochet' magazine, but i struggle sometimes with written pattern, I like a visual to understand, so I went back to my usual resource at the crochet spot site

Once I got into the flow of the pattern I enjoyed it, it has a nice rhythm to it.

I have completed one side, and part way through the next, although it will need to be blocked as its turned out a bit skew-whiff!

Also, I made an extra square for Linda's yarnbomb. Its fun trying out different stitches, and seeing how a square works out

I'm looking forward to seeing everybodys pieces put together, it's going to be a bright fun tree, and will certainly stand out!

We did manage to get a little fresh air in between our heavy work schedules this week. So we endulged in a little spot of geocaching, a great way to blow away the cobwebs. The first one we were unable to find as unfortunately the tree had been felled. 

But we had better luck with two others in our local village, two well disguised fun finds.

They are part of a set of ten, so we are looking forward to looking for the others in the future.


  1. Oooo, that wool is working up beautifully, I never seem to have much luck with these kind of variegated wools and get weird blobs of colour. Yours is changing in all the right places.

  2. I have always wanted to try geocaching! I thought it would be a great family activity. I really love the star stitch pattern. And the colours you are using are divine!

  3. Your new yarn really is lovely made in the star stitch. I'm sure you had fun making this project. Happy Monday.

  4. Wow love those colour and the pattern is so pretty

  5. Beautiful yarn, I love those colours. I really must try geocaching at some point, I think little Lucy would love it.

  6. Love your squares. I really must try star stitch again sometime, it's rather pretty. My daughter and husband had a go at geocaching recently and they loved it :)

  7. Wow, you've made great progress with your new cushion, the colours look even more lovely knitted up, i'm looking forward to seeing it completed :) x

  8. Your crochet is so pretty, I love the designs! Your new wool is beautiful and the colours so unusual, really really pretty!
    Glad you had some cashing fun! They look like great finds. I haven't been for such a long time now, really should venture out I think! xx

  9. Such pretty colours and the star stitch goes really well. I've never tried geocashing, it sounds interesting... I really must find out a bit more about it.
    Jan x