Sunday, 12 April 2015

Post Easter and springtime flowers...

So after the busy build up, Easter itself was a quiet, relaxed affair.

My Mum spent the day with us, and it was great to catch up, exchange gifts, have a lovely roast dinner and indulge in some goodies

I adore bunnies, and I'm so happy with this big fluffy fella that's come to our home
We had the traditional goodies

and Mum always comes bearing homebaked treats. This time we had cheese and marmite sticks (we so need to make more of these!), and cornflake cakes

We've had blue skies, a hint of warmth and longer lighter evenings, so nice to be in Springtime and out of the depths of Winter.

Quite frankly I should have finished this 'Fallen petals' cushion but I seem to have fallen out of love with it, and I'm finding that I enjoy the finishing stages less and less. I need to give myself a serious talking to get this completed!

On the other hand I have been good with keeping up with my daily mood flowers. Again I'm having to use a lot of self control to make myself sew in all the ends regularly, I've got a little section to catch up on but all in all its growing nicely.

Now I've worked through the seasons, I really need to train my focus on my course, I'm way way behind and it's all quite daunting, but I just need to take a day at a time. As you can see I have changed my header, as I knew my old one was completely irrelevant. I don't intend to keep it that way as I wish to add images of my own work, but I wanted to play around and think through colours and images.


  1. Cheese and Marmite sticks sound good, is that cheese straws with Marmite?

  2. How cute is that bunny. Not sure about cheese and marmite, love marmite but cannot eat cheese.

    I fall out of love with some projects, walk away for a while it will come back. Then I get the urge to clear the decks of all half finished items.

  3. TAILENDS go on F-O-R-E-V-E-R!! Don't they? - I've just finished a Blanket tonight... Spent nealy two hours on the LAST bit of tailends! - I was actually being good about doing them AS I went... [ugh!]

  4. Hello, I think many of us can relate to what you wrote. It's easy to lose interest in a project. Your cushion and blanket are so pretty. Enjoy your week.

  5. I sometimes get fed up with things as they get to the finishing stage - especially if its similar to something else I've just done. I am following along the course for the second time and I still haven't done it all! I think it gives us lots of food for thought and that's just as important as the actual doing of it.

  6. I completly understand the losing interest in a nearly finished project. Sounds like a lovely Easter:)