Sunday, 25 January 2015

An end and new beginning...

So it's done, it's completed, it's finished, hoorah!!
My moodblanket 2014 has come to an end... I was 'determined' to get it done by the end of January, and that I wouldn't start another project until it was complete, and I stuck to my word.

I didn't have a border in mind, I just knew I didn't want it all one colour.

So I started using a different colour for each side, and just worked a triple into every stitch. For the second round I did a granny stripe, using yet another different colour on each side.

Lastly, I finished in the same white that I'd joined the squares with, but this round I got a bit stuck. Firstly, I tried to continue in the granny stripe, but I felt this was too open for a final edge.

So I went back and tried working into every stitch and gap, but that didn't look right either.

For my next try, instead of working into the gap, I decided to go into the row below. Now this was better, this I liked the look of, but wait, No, now the edging is becoming too baggy and ruffled, I'm using too many stitches.

So I undo it yet again, and still using the same technique but only working one stitch in the row below instead of two, I got there in the end and I'm so pleased with how it looks.

I've never made a blanket before, only smaller items. It seemed such a large daunting task, plus I've got a short attention span when it comes to makes, I get bored easily. But when I heard about the mood blanket project on IG, I was intrigued. I chose to do a weekly square and not daily, that way I stood more of a chance of finishing.

It started as a standard mood blanket. The first two weeks I started with the same basic granny pattern.

But did i mention I get bored easily!, so by square three I wanted to try a different pattern.

Also the yarn that I was using was the stash that i'd inherited from my Mother-in-law after she'd sadly passed away. So this became so much more than just using colours to summarise the weeks mood. It became a learning tool, trying out different stitches and patterns, and also a memory blanket too.

This is going to be a wonderful keepsake. Although I can't say it was the best of years, in fact far from it, but this blanket just gives me some joy to look back on.

As yet I haven't any full blanket, ta dah shots to show you, as its not long been finished and i've not been home when there's daylight. So come back next week when I will show you in its full glory...

As soon as the last end was sewn in, I was there, hook in hand. I was eager to crack on with some good solid crochet. For so long, its felt like I was doing just small fiddly bits, or joining and edging.
I'd already planned what the next project would be, another style of floral cushion. Remember this square from the mood blanket?

It was one of the stitch lessons, I'd tried the c2c (corner to corner) square, I enjoyed making it, once i'd picked up the pattern it flowed so nicely, and I like the texture, and its final look, so it was always the intention to come back to do this pattern again. I've only just started , and I love how quickly it works up, even for a slow crocheter like me! Its a nice relaxing stitch to do too.

My flower blanket is still growing, i've managed another seven this week. 

Till next time...


  1. Congrats on the beautiful blanket you created. I love the way you did the border and finish it off with the white color for the last row. It's beautiful.

  2. Wow the blanket is so colourful and wonderful, a keepsake treasure

  3. Looking great, I'm so excited to see the finished mood blanket and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Thanks for joining in with my first Handmade Monday.

  4. Oooh, its so exciting! The edging you decided on in the end looks great, i'm really looking forward to seeing the blanket in its full glory next week. Well done you for finishing it, it must be a fantastic feeling! x

  5. Love the mood blanket and the edging - such a nice keepsake! x

  6. I admire your perseverance in getting the boarder just right. It looks great. It makes an ideal memory blanket. Well done on it's completion :)
    Jan x