Sunday, 1 February 2015

Blanket Glory...

So. as promised this week its time for my Crochet Mood blanket 2014, to have its moment of glory...

55 weeks of colourful squares

plus mini squares that filled out the irregular lengths

At 47" x 23", its not the biggest. But will be a great little lap blanket whilst snuggled on the sofa

Or to keep the tootsies warm in bed

It's certainly the biggest item i've made

from January 

through to December

This will certainly be a blanket to treasure for many years

As a little teaser, I have been working on the new corner to corner cushion
The two squares are complete and i've started the edging, so i'm hoping to get started on the decorative flowers this week. But more on this little one next week...

Of course the flowers have been growing each day

The first month of the year is through already

Thankfully its not been too bad a start.....


  1. Ooo...That Flowers one is going great! And I like that Stitch you're using on the Pink thing. Good texture!

  2. Yay! The big reveal at last! It looks amaaaaazing, i really love the addition of the mini squares, it adds even more charm to the design. Its most definitely one to treasure, well done you (and thank you for sharing! :))

    Your flowers are looking so pretty, you're well on your way to another unique and beautiful blanket :) x

  3. LOVE the blanket - every sofa should have something to snuggle under on a cold day! Funnily enough I'm working on a blanket at the moment, whilst watching Mr Selfridge this evening, it's to use up some of my stash of teeny bits and is quite pretty, but now I see yours I'm wishing I was doing something more like that! Next time maybe!

  4. Oh wow I love the colours, so vibrant well done and cannot wait to see what you make next

  5. Your mood blanket is amazing, it's been so exciting waiting for the big reveal and following your posts about each square.

  6. Yay you, to finish a mood blanket. Job well done. I like the stitching on the pink cushion cover and think the flowers are gorgeous.

  7. Yay you, to finish a mood blanket. Job well done. I like the stitching on the pink cushion cover and think the flowers are gorgeous.

  8. I love the mood blanket. What an achievement. I sort of feel I need a mood blanket to snuggle under today, it is so cold.

  9. I do like this blanket and I can imagine you had great fun completing it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your cushion next week it looks very tempting :)

  10. You have been busy! Your blanket looks fabulous and I just love all those little flowers. Xx

  11. What a fabulous blanket. I love all the different patterns in it xx

  12. This is just simply beautiful. I will make sure I feature this at some point on my blog (if that's OK of course). It's just lovely. x

    1. Thank you , you are too kind, and you are welcome to feature x

  13. It's been great to see this grow over the last year, I love that each square holds a different memory, well done on completion :)