Sunday, 18 January 2015

Santa came twice...

So santa came to visit us again this week, aren't we lucky, spoilt twice!

Mum came to visit us on Monday. We had a nice cuppa on her arrival, and had a natter and catch up. Then our attention turned to the pressies, it seemed weird not putting them under a tree!

Everyone was very pleased with their gifts, even the ones deemed a risk were a big hit! We stopped part way through for lunch and a glass of wine.

For dinner in the evening we had one of those bagged meals, the ones where you chuck the meat and veg and in the bag and pop it in the oven, great when you have guests as it can be left and then hey presto!
Before she left we had a look through some of her photos of various trips shes been on.
All in all it was a lovely relaxing day!

We treated ourselves to a couple of items for the home. Firstly a laundry basket, not very exciting I know, but we've been using a make-shift one, which is technically a magazine rack! Plus we got a food mixer, something we've wanted for awhile, and hoping this will encourage us to do more baking in the future!

I've not managed to do much to my 2014 blanket but I've sewn bits here and there. ..
I have though kept up with this years though, still managing to create a little colourful flower each day..

With each flower I add, i'm loving it a little bit more!!


  1. How wonderful to have two Christmases! Your flower blanket is coming along beautifully. My friend is making one similar to yours:
    I hope you have a wonderful, fun filled week :)

  2. The flower blanket is looking good, and will be really impressive when it's finished I think.

  3. What a great idea to have Christmas twice! I love your little crochet flowers, so pretty.

  4. How fun to have an extra bit of Christmas! Your flowers look so cute, i can only imagine how amazing this blanket will be when its done! x

  5. Your flowers are so adorable! Your blanket will look amazing! Christmas is always fun when it is spread out! xx

  6. I like the little flowers of the the blanket so far. The magazine rack/laundry basket made me laugh, but also inspired me. ;)

  7. What a lovely way of brightening up the cold days. I think we should all have an extra Christmas. The flowers are coming along lovely.
    Ali xx

  8. Please come and continue to join in with Handmade Monday, I shall be hosting it on my site from this Sunday but everything else remains the same.

  9. the crochet flowers are cute:) how lovely to enjoy Christmas a a relaxed pace.