Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Moody start to the year...

So I have kept to my word, and the only crafting I have focused on is my Crochet mood blanket, both last years and this years.
As some of my strips of squares on last years blanket were too long, I needed to come up with a plan. I decided on some mini squares, they should fill in the gaps nicely and still keep in style with the rest of the blanket.
They work up nice and quickly, I outline them in white to match their larger counterparts and slot them in the gap
I'm very happy with the outcome, and I can't wait to have it completed. Not only because its quite fiddly just sewing in ends and joining, but I can't wait to see the finished article.

Meanwhile, each day I have completed a mood flower. I can't believe I have managed to stick to doing one everyday. I'm sure there will be busier periods that I won't manage to, but I have no plans, or expectations for this blanket, I will let it grow and take shape and develop as the year goes on.

I love these little flowers, 3 different colours in each, and they link on to their neighbouring flower
I just need to make sure that I continue sewing the ends in as I go, as leaving them would result in a massive chore.
This is how they looked after 1 week

It's going to be a pleasure to watch this one grow


  1. Your blanket looks really great and I just love those flowers and well done for doing a bit of crochet every day! Xx

  2. The mini square as so cute, I love how you used them to fill in the gaps.

  3. Aww the mini squares look fab, they really add character to a already wonderfully characterful design. I'm really happy you're doing another similar project this year, the results are so special :) x

  4. I love all the variety in your crochet squares. Really fun.

  5. Your mood square blanket looks wonderful, I love all the different colours and designs going on. Looking forward to seeing how the flower blanket progresses.
    Ali xx

  6. This mood blanket looks great. I like the flower one too, and appreciate patterns where you can Join As You Go (JAYGo). Keep up with those ends, it is so much less time consuming then to wait 'til you're finished.

  7. I do like your mood blanket. I love the way you have mixed the different size squares. Looking forward to watching your flowers grow :)

  8. It's looking amazing. Clever joining squares of different sizes x

  9. I love the idea of a mood blanket, it's going together really well, the 'ickle squares are a cute addition :)
    It will be great to see the flowers grow :)
    Jan x