Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bloomin' cushion...

So this week, I have completed the berry toned background. 

And got the giant blooms sewn on.

And made a start with adding the stems...

As I work full time my crafting tends to take place in the evenings in front of the tv.
We've watched two films this week, Epic and Robin Hood...

I've now made a start on the foliage.

 I've tried to add some tones to the leaves, so they are not just a one dimentional colour. 

I did deviate from the cushion for one evening to have a go at the button flowers that I have seen online. I found it really tricky!

For the majority of my work I use a 4-5mm hook, but to fit through the buttonhole I needed to use a 2mm and thin embroidery cotton. This was so fiddly, and on my initial try it as coming out too tight and slipping away from the button. I unravelled and tried again this time adding more stitches on the round but it still didn't work out like the images. All a bit frustrating as it looked such a simple, quick project. I might persevere and try again using my usual size hook and yarn and find some way of getting it through the buttonhole!!

I have seen images by Sarah London of the apache tears stitch which is on my to do list!! So for my mood square this week, I thought I would have a play and see if I could get to grips with the basics of this pattern. It requires you to just work through the back of the loop on standard stitches and through the front loop 3 rows below for the stretched stitch. I like the way the square turned out as its quite 3 dimentional. It's just a shame my to-do list is growing much quicker than I can work!!!


  1. Fabulous cushion and I LOVE the flowers on it - Anita #13 Handmade Monday.

  2. I love how that wool worked up on the cushion, beautiful tones, it looks great.

  3. Your cushion is going to look fab. I've seen those button crochet flowers and thought they look relatively easy. Seems not!!

  4. I love those flowers, both the blooms and the foliage ~ Fantastic work!

  5. Oooh i love the berry colours in your cushion and the big flowers are just gorgeous! :)

  6. That cushion is looking great, perfect to cuddle up to in this yucky weather.

  7. Cushion looks grand. I like the colours and the flowers really stand out. Very huggable

  8. OK so the first thing that caught my eye was the Chunky KitKat :)

    I love the flowers, as a non crocheter I really admire anyone who can make pretty flowers.

    Jan x

  9. I LOVE your flower embellishments, they are gorgeous :)