Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bits n bobs...

So I tried again after my failed attempt last week.

I decided the issue was the thin yarn and tiny hook, so I went back to my usual size, just reverting to the little hook to ease the yarn thorough the buttonhole.

This was much better and went back to being the fun little project that I had originally expected it to be!

I was very happy to find some  pom-pom makers in one of my favourite stores 'Tiger' I'll admit it took me awhile to get started, and figure out what I was doing.

But oh my goodness look at the lovely fluffiness it produces...

I can see me making many more of these yarns fluff balls, though I should really figure out what to do with them first!!

I was hoping to have another ta dah moment this week, but I've not quite managed it.

I did tidy up the ends and do an sc edging, and so nearly finished joining together. All that's left now is to finish the join and find some buttons for fastening, then the 'giant blooms' cushion can have its glory!!

Autumn has well and truly set in, and the weather on a whole has been quite miserable. So on one of my trips out I went gathering and brought home some of the colourful parts of the season.

Sadly I've not managed my mood square for this week, as I've been suffering majorly with fatigue. Thankfully I have some much needed time off next week, and we are taking a short break away to Weymouth. I am hoping to catch up with the joining of my mood blanket. I really don't want to get too far behind and miss out on the amazing end of year sharing. Problem is I have a load of other projects lined up in my head, plus I really would like to tidy up my blog page and I had intended to open my Folksy store again this month. Oh to have extra hours in the day and the energy to utilise it!!

I did start a square, but this one is going to a good cause. A lady in Australia, who I follow on IG is collecting pink squares from crafters all round the world, and will be putting them all together, for 'Pink Ribbon day', the blanket will then be donated to someone in need.

This is my square so far...


  1. I love your crochet button flowers, they're really pretty and will make a great embellishment for a project. Enjoy your time away and try to find time for a rest too.

  2. I can feel a trip to Tiger coming on.

  3. Button flowers or flower buttons whichever way you look at it they are rather pretty and those pom poms are so squidgy. How about making some Christmas pom pom bunting? Love the idea of the pink square blanket for 'Pink Ribbon Day'. Enjoy Weymouth :)

  4. Well done persevering with the buttons, they are so cute:) I also have a set of pompom makers that I haven't opened yet, I've been waiting for the right project :)
    I found you whilst blog hopping, it would be lovely to see you over on my blog at

    1. Hello and welcome. Thank you for your lovely comments. I will indeed come over and have a read of your blog xx

  5. Oh yay i'm glad the button flowers came together in the end, they are so cute! Well dome for persisting :)

    Pom-pom makers are amazing aren't they, its very tempting to get carried away and make piles of them. I recommend using white yarn for a snowball Christmas garland :)

    I hope you're feeling more yourself soon xx

  6. The crochet buttons are gorgeous:) here's hoping for more energy this week:)