Sunday, 29 June 2014

It's getting there...

So this week I have been true to my word with concentrating on finishing, with no thought of a new project at all...

I continued with making some more little flowers. I didn't have a plan, design or layout in mind, just my usual kind of winging it, gut instinct kind of method!  I wasn't sure whether a minimal or full impact approach was required, so after a few blooms I tried a couple of layouts...

The second I think has real possibilities. So I will come back to that with a fresh eye, I have a feeling some embroidery will be required from me too ( oh dear, why do I dread sewing so)

I've also progressed more with my heathers cushion.  Normally I find the joining to be oh so tedious, but this one has been coming together quite nicely and not been a chore at all.

And I can see the finish line in sight, I could even pop its little pad in to see what it will look like, I just have the last overlap edge to complete, and add some buttons to fasten...

My original intention was to have a go at making a large fimo, decorative button for the front, but maybe a large flower, like on a lily pond, is the way to go? Hmmmm...? Any thoughts? ??

I had some 'happy mail' a little pack of buttons sent from IGer @handcraftedlove, I'm sure they will look lovely on a future project

And so for this weeks mood square. Where the majority of the week has been quite relaxed, and I had a great, positive annual review at work, a couple of stressy bits did creep in...

Red - beautiful hot sunny weather
Peach/pink - relaxation
Purple - unwanted stressiness


  1. The crochet is coming almond really well. I really like your mood squares

  2. I think you're right, option number two for the flower layout is the best, the different flower heights look really good. Those little buttons are cute!

  3. I love your flowers in option 2, with the stems. Option 1 isn't awful either!
    Love the mood square idea, are you making one every week, do you have a plan for them?

  4. Either one is good. The Flowers are nicely done. -- Love those Buttons, too! :-D

  5. I love the second option for the flowers, they look adorable and so cheery with their pretty stems. You are doing so well with the heather cushion too, it will be finished before you know it! :)

  6. The second one is very pretty with all those flowers.

  7. I love all the flower designs. And the finished cushion looks so pretty!

  8. I also like the second arrangement of the flowers, and your cushion is looking fabulous too.

  9. We all seem to like the second one the best but they are all lovely.

  10. love your cushion, and those buttons are so cute - great purchase :)

  11. I like the second layout best too, and those buttons are really cute.

  12. All are lovely, especially the top one- such gorgeous colours