Sunday, 8 June 2014

Lazy Movie Days

As I worked the last bank holiday, it meant I was able to have my extra day off last week. We weren't really able to venture out as hubby's knee is still not right, so we had a some chilled out home time together.
Unusually we are quite up to date with our V+ box viewing so this enabled us to have some movie moments. We viewed our latest lovefilm disk, Captain Phillips and then dug out some others from the depths of the garage inc Eragon, The secret of Moonacre and Delgo
Meanwhile of course I was working away with my little hook.

This weeks mood square was happy and bright and colourful. I kinda made it up. My intention was to use the stitch pattern that was used around the last rows of the Manadala cushion, but I found it didn't work in straight lines, it curled in to a round. So I went with it and did another row, before turning it into a square shape, hence the flower shape in the centre...

I'm loving how my blanket is turning out. The random colours, and patterns and the fact that it will be such a lovely memory keepsake

We've now got the pattern for the back of the Mandala cushion, so i've made a start on that

I've been blocking my granny cushion. It certainly makes a difference. It was a strange wonky shape until the steam worked its magic on the pinned squares.

I'm determined to actually get some pieces finished!

I've missed out on the lovely weather this weekend, as I've been working, but have now got an exciting couple of days ahead, with a trip to London.
Stopping overnight at a hotel, I've never stayed in London before, so that will be an experience.  The following morning we will be going upmarket, with a visit to the Ritz. I'm not very good at dressing smart and being posh, but with dinky sandwiches and lovely cake to look forward to it'll be worth being on my best behaviour. After some exploring in the afternoon, we have booked to see the Lion King at the theatre in the evening, which i'm sure will be fabulous.

I will tell you all about our little trip next week, and hopefully i'll be brave enough to whip out my phone and take some snaps of our Ritz experience
Until then.....


  1. Enjoy your trip to London, the Lion King is awesome, I'm sure you'll love it. I'm also really loving your colours for this weeks mood square. I'm really pleased to see lots of happy colours creeping into the squares.

  2. That's a nice warm happy mood square! the blanket will be lovely when it's complete. Hope you enjoy London! I saw Lion King there a couple of year's ago - the opening is amazing! x

  3. I love the cheeriness of this week's mood square and they do look so fantastic all together, i'm glad to hear you are pleased with how the project is going too!

    Have an amazing time in London, i look forward to hearing all about it next week! x

  4. Your granny square designs are so beautiful and unique. I'm sure you will love the Ritz. I was there back in November for afternoon tea and they were so nice to us. Have a great week.

  5. I'm always surprised at how much better things look, once blocked. The hooky all looks lovely, and the London trip sounds wonderful - hope you have a great time. x