Sunday, 6 July 2014

My first ta dah !

So finally I have done it ! I've finished one of my 'works in progress'
All panels made...

Ends woven in...

All pieces sewn together...

Little buttons added for fastening...

My lovely fat squishy 'heathers' cushion...

I love it...

My original plan was to make a big fimo, decorative button for the centre, and then I wondered whether a big crochet flower would work well, but now I'm not so sure whether it needs any decoration at all? What do you guys reckon?

I've also moved onto the next wip, and continued with the 'summer garden' cushion.  After all your lovely comments last week, I made a start on securing the flowers to the background.

My next dilemma was to figure out how to produce the stems. When I was playing around with the design, all I had done was lay a strand of yarn loose on top and loop de looped it. So how to achieve that effect and not produce something too heavy and overpowering. So I tried simply crocheting directly on to the main panel, kind of like a crochet version of embroidery.

I just went with the flow and you know I love it!  Sometimes simple is best!!

I may well add some 3d leaves too, I'll see once the stems are completed...
So hopefully it won't be too long before the next finished item.

This weeks mood square:-
I chose the 'Spoke wheel' pattern from the '150 blocks to knit and crochet' book, and then turned it into a square. Its amazing how different the pattern looks after squaring it off...

I used  pale green, rose pink, mid blue and bright sunshiny yellow, for the lovely hot sunny days, relaxed days off, a little bit of frustration as we still await hubby's knee to be assessed, and a little bit of lifes stresses that creep in.

So that's my efforts for this week...


  1. What a productive week! I'm not sure the heather cushion needs any embellishment as it looks so fab as it is. I love your swirly crochet flower stems too, its going to be another beautiful cushion :) x

  2. Congrats! What a lovely pillow and I love the buttons you used in the design. I'm sure it makes you feel good to have finished one of your projects.

  3. What a fab cushion I to love the buttons

  4. I love your big squishy cushion, it looks perfect without a centre button or flower, I love the happy colours :)

    Jan x

  5. Loving your crochet, the flowers pillow is my favourite.

  6. A lovely finished cushion, I don't think it needs anything else. Love how you've added the stems to the flowers - fabulous.

  7. Fab!! Great colours in the heathers cushion - don't think it needs any other additions - and love your summer garden one too, the crocheted stems work perfectly! :) x